I’ll be your mom

Posted: May 13th, 2012

You came into the world and you were lovingly nurtured by your birth mother. She would soon see you leave and she trusted that human beings would care for you. Eventually you were purchased by a family and you were happy. Your happy life however was going to end. Your family could no longer care for you and so you were sent to the local shelter. That first night you were scared and alone yet still hopeful that your family would return for you. The sounds of the other dogs around you were not good and this made you more fearful. Days have passed and you just lie in wait hoping but beginning to realize your family isn’t coming for you. People come by your cage and they stop to look at you. You hear them talking and then they open the door and pet you and offer you a treat! Oh this is good! You are taken on a long trip to meet a new family. You are lovingly greeted by a woman who says to you, “I’ll be your mom.” she is very kind and she rubs your head and you roll over and she pets your belly. This makes you so happy!! You are fed delicious food and get lots of treats. You play with the other dogs that live there and at night your new mom makes sure you are comfy in your bed and kisses you goodnight. You love this new mom and she loves you. What you don’t realize is that this is only temporary. Soon you’ll be adopted by a mom who’ll love and care for you forever. But as you go to your new life I want you to know that I have to be a mom for many more of your friends who have been tossed aside by people who couldn’t care for them. You will always have a special place in my heart and I’ll think of you and know that you are loved by your new family. We want you to know that we carefully chose this family for you and they will call us if you need us. Our time together has helped you and you are ready,like you were when you left you real mom, to go and be the dog that would make all your moms proud. On this day I want to encourage all women to open their hearts and their homes to a dog that needs a mothers loving touch. Happy mothers day, Trish
A mother is she who can take the place of all others. – Cardinal Mermillod


Custom dog bowl stands and dog beds to benefit American Bulldog Rescue

Cannot Ship This Product To AL, AK, MD, MS, PA, UT or outside the US.
PA orders should be shipped :
c/o Jodi Specter
1748 River Road
Lambertville, NJ 08530
You can also call in orders (978)297-5477

All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, flea, tick and heartworm preventative.

We Need Foster Homes:

Fostering a dog for a rescue group requires commitment. Foster families must be willing to invest time, attention, TLC and offer a safe environment for a dog who is in need. Aside from the day-to-day schedule of feeding, exercise and grooming, some additional responsibilities may be required. Placing a dog in a foster home allows us to assess the dog’s personality and determine the type of permanent home we should be looking at for that particular dog. The foster parent provides love, attention, some basic training (which we help with), and a regular report on how the dog is doing. We are always in need of foster homes because the bottom line is the more foster homes we have available, the more dogs we can help.” American Bulldog Rescue provides food (if needed), supplies and take care of all the medical needs and veterinary costs. You just need to give it a try and you will be hooked! It’s the most rewarding experience to know that you helped a homeless dog find a fantastic family!

PA: Tiny Tim is a marshmallow and adored in his foster home! He is fantastic with other dogs and ignores cats. He may is crate trained and working on house breaking, and doing well!


Ruby is going to make her new family’s heart fill with so much love, friendship and happiness. She deserves nothing less. She promises to make you smile and laugh every single day. She has so much personality.

FL: Princess Ruby is such a girly girl and loves attention. She loves to give you her right paw, just because. Ruby loves to get her babies and toys and bring them to your lap to play. She will trot daintily to get them and then bounce, got it and very daintily will bring it back t you. Ruby is especially fond of fluffy stuffed animals. She will baby and nuzzle, but sadly this will lead too the demise of the toy as she continues to destroy it, so supervise please. She loves her daily walks and long car rides where she will sit in the seat like a little human just looking out the window. This is very, very important: Please keep all undergarment and socks out of Ruby’s reach. Ruby is especially fond of them and will completely devour. This has happened in the past and unfortunately, one day, she will end up needing obstruction surgery or will die. Unfortunately, she really does think she’s ‘royalty’ so she gets very jealous if other dogs tease her with ‘her toys’. She prefers to be the only dog in the house as she just wants all the love she can get and I love giving it to her. She’s the most huggable and kissable little girl. She’ll climb in bed with you if you let her. She’s not a jumper, so she’ll stand patiently at the end of your bed and wait until you can help her up.
Pennsylvania: What a character! Bolo will keep you smiling! He is so happy and extra friendly, he is not phased by other animals and although he was once living on a chain, was attacked by another dog and spent some nights shivering with temps in the teens he holds no grudge. He meets other animals like a gentleman, we have funny piggy and chicken photos to prove that he an angel! He is 100% house trained!
Maryland: Midas is on the smaller side, about 45 lbs. She loves people, other dogs and car rides. Midas seemed a bit intimidated by the cats at the shelter, but wanted to play with one at the vet. As you probably noticed, Midas has an extra long tongue, which tends to peak out of her mouth! She walks fairly well on a leash and is crate trained. Midas is about 80% housebroken when out of her crate. She will do well in a home where she is the only dog, or with a large male.
PA: Lover is an 18 month Dogue de Bordeaux / Lab mix who is a big baby who loves people like crazy! He is looking for a foster home in PA
FL: Betty is a big, beautiful, speckled puppy who is evolving into a well-rounded young lady. She is approximately 7 mos. old and like many people who are interesting and captivating, Betty had a rocky start. She was abandoned outside of an asphalt company in Miami and was found covered in oil with two other older dogs – a male and female – who seemed to be friends. Some wonderful, dog-loving people in Miami took them in and bathed them, and Betty found a home in foster. In her foster home she is a sweet, innocent girl who takes gulps from the cup of life. She loves other dogs and enjoys playing with the 5-year-old male Am. pit bull and 5-year-old female AB in her foster home. Both seem tickled by her puppy antics, and she keeps them on their toes. She’s learning some basic commands and house manners and is waiting patiently for her dream home. She’s housebroken and walks well on a leash. She’s got big paws and a wonderful spirit. She would probably be happiest to go to a home with another dog. She’d be happy to teach your old dog some new tricks. 😉 She’s teething and likes beef knuckles, Nylabones and bunny slippers with ears (be warned… hahaha).
PA: Clunky is a 1-2 year old English Bulldog-Boxer mix, and everyone who meets him says the same thing…goofy – happy – love! He needs a foster home in PA
Joy is adult who came from a high-kill shelter in NYC. She is sweet and calm!Looking for a foster home in or near PA


Pennsylvania: Duchess now named Ducky (because she is) is a beautiful 4 year old female who is house trained, lived with other dogs and kids. Her family has no time at all for her and her housemate Debo. Duchess loves her family. she is so loyal and as you can see from the look in her face, she lives to please. They are living in crates most of their lives. They are spending over 20 hours a day there. The family can not afford to keep them any longer.
Pennsylvania: Peggy is AWESOME!! She is past all of her bad puppy habits but still young and playful! Her foster family loves her and have taught her so many things. She is between 3-4 years old and is house trained.
Pennsylvania: SILLA is ready or her new home. She is fantastic, not perfect but sweet, and as good as they come. SILLA is about 1 1/2 to 2 years old and just as pretty as she is sweet. She would be great with a older (3 – up), calm male dog and older children. Make an appointment to meet this sweetheart. She has Overcome her horrible beginnings thanks to her wonderful professional training supplied by: BLITZ PET PROFESSIONALS, www.blitzpetpros.com located in BUCKS COUNTY PA. SILLA is doing great as you can see by her pictures, she has gone through intense training in Neutrilization, Socialization, & Desensitization training. WE FEEL SHE WOULD DO BEST IF SHE IS ADOPTED TO A HOME WITH A NEUTERED MALE CALM DOG SINCE SHE JUST LOVES THE COMPANIONSHIP OF A FRIEND. If interested in her and the wait, (if approved you can visit her)
Sunny is blind but you would never guess it if you met him! Pennsylvania: Super Duper Sunny sure is Special! Not only is he nice to everything from chickens to giant elephants (kidding…
just big pigs) but he is the MOST TRUSTING guy…”you see” Super Sunny is blind and can’t see at all. But Sunny Bunny (one of his nick-names) will follow your voice, he will wait for direction, he is so smart. He understands “wait, stay, here, come, up and down”. Sunny is a 100 pound Treasure!!! He has an appt. with the doggie eye specialist on 4-21-12 so we can have a better idea of what happened to Sunny’s eyesight.
PA: Angel Let me be your running mate and keep you safe, I never get tired of long runs and long walks! My foster Dad tells me I make a great family protector and that I have great instincts and like to make sure everyone is safe when I am with them. He tells folks that I am a social butterfly once I know my family is safe. I also am doing just great with my training. I am boundary trained and come right back in the house after I do my girly things outside. I cant wait to train and will put my head right through my girly training necklace because I cant wait to learn. I can do the following: heel like a lady, sit, down, stay, and come. I am crated and can handle being alone at home for 8-10 hours with no problems. Ladies like me never make mistakes in the house. My foster Dad says I snore, but I tell him ladies like me do no such thing. Oh and I am a Miami girl so I enjoy sun bathing and sharing oranges for a healthy snack. I am an Angel!…
PA: Miss Cindy Lou Who Cindy is waiting for a Dog savvy family that wont leave her home alone too much. People that are familiar with how this breed’s health is maintained with high quality diet, supplements, grooming and light excersize. Cindy would do best in a home with a comparable size male dog that is calm, submissive in nature. She enjoys the company of dogs and actually opens up faster with other dogs around. It looks like she watches how another dog interacts with new people to show her if everything is okay with them. Trust worthy humans are still new to her. She can be bossy and jealous (with other dogs) at times and would not be a match with a dog that challenges her. She lives happily with two male dogs in her foster home, who let her be the queen. Also a home with no kids is standard practice with adult dogs with no known history. Cindy can get rough during play and mouthy when very excited. This means no plans for kids in her lifetime.

New Arrivals:

Maryland: Pretty Buttercup is calm and relaxed. She loves car rides, hugs and tummy rubs. Buttercup came to us from a high kill shelter. They picked her up off the street on a cold and rainy morning. We don’t know how such a sweet girl ended up alone. It doesn’t matter now, Buttercup is safe with us and we will find her the perfect family.

She sits by your side watching what you watch, maybe
the bird, or the tress blowing from the wind… nothing
all all is better in this whole wide world than the time she has with you… and you can see how happy she is
to be at your side and most of all to be loved.Her eyes smile the entire time with pride to be your dog and to be loved. Tess is located in Temple, TX.
Texas: Tess came to rescue like so many of our dogs. She was picked up by animal control and no one came to claim her. She had about a 15% chance of rescue or re-claim. Lucky for us she is in that 15%. Tess is one of the sweetest dogs ever. Tess is happy to just be part of a family. She is what I call a very easy keeper. She crates well, never complains about anything. She seems to get along well with male or females and totally thinks it is the GREATEST thing on earth to have her head rubbed. You see I don’t think Tess has ever had a home with love before. Even though I am her foster home, Tess feels loved. She knows she is going to be fed… loved on and given a warm dry place to sleep that is safe.Tess came in with bones showing and some pressure sores on her hind area. She now has a full beautiful coat. She has one of the most pleasant personalities you could ever ask for. She runs with her tail straight up in the air with pride to be a loved dog….the twinkle in her eyes that was once lost is back.Tess is a natural love! She gives all she has to you and with that she can sit on the patio with no words at all between you or her…
Pennsylvania: Two year old BillyJack is everyone’s best friend! Good with other dogs and pigs, chickens too! He loves car rides, baths, is PERFECT on a leash and he loves to show off! He is a people pleaser, an attention seeker and quite a looker! He is totally house trained!
PA: Bones This WONDERFUL boy is housebroken, walks nicely on a leash, is very gentle, loves other dogs, and is quiet and well behaved in the house. Bones came to us very thin, but healthy and happy. He is great in the car and LOVES to cuddle. Bones is only about a year old and just wants to be loved. He doesn’t care for crates, but is good in the house, so shouldn’t need one.

Happy Tails:

Pennsylvania: Kramer is a gem, he is 10 months old and is the sweetest boy ever.He is American Bulldog/ Golden Retriever. He loves other dogs, kids and is very laid back, just loves belly rubs and his ears rubbed. He is looking for a home with another young dog to play with. He does not have the greatest hips, he has been x-rayed and is in no pain at all. In the meantime we will enjoy having him with us and giving him all the love he deserves.
Pennsylvania: Paulie Palmetto is such a love! He gets along perfectly with both dogs in his foster home, he is house trained, and he loves to play outside. You couldn’t ask for a sweeter dog. You’ll be sure to fall in love immediately:)
Pennsylvania: aka Miss Wonderful is probably as close to a perfect Lady as you get. She is 100% house trained, good with other dogs and cats. She is perfect on a leash, a laid back 6 year old who will not give you an ounce of trouble but will fill your heart with love! She will need drops in her eyes 2-3 tines a day but she will sit there and wait for you to put them in like a lady! Help us give this girl the happy ending she deserves! She is located in Bucks County, PA.
Pudgy in her new home in South Carolina
Eve was a foster failure that came in emaciated, heart worm positive and the product of over breeding.
She was so mean, she was evil…lol…towards other dogs only.
But now she’s living with a house full of dogs and cats and wild life as her mom is also a rescuer and wildlife rehabber.

Before and After


Tribute to Auggie adopted in 2003:


Awesome pics of the week

^ As seen on NY INK!!!!

Buckus (adopted in 2009)is famous!