Huck & Winnie’s Happy Tail

Posted: November 6th, 2010

Formerly Stinky 2 & Purdy:



Huck and Winnie (adopted in March 2010) are coming along nicely.  Winnie is a sweet, gentle lady who is a pure pleasure to walk.  Sometimes you have to check the end of the leash to make sure she is there, she’s such a cooperative walker. Huck is lucky to be such a runt — 45 lbs max — because he LOVES to sit on laps.  While Huck has a lot of work to do to become a good walker, he is a rock star at  socialization. In puppy kindergarten, it was a delight to see how nicely he adapted from rough-housing with a fellow american bulldog to playing with the puppies that were littler than he was. Huck and Winnie are wonderful hosts, welcoming all kinds of visitors to their house, including other dogs, a houseful of relatives and friends, an infant…and 400 trick or treaters for Halloween!!

Huck & Winnie’s photo album

Huck’s old photo album

Winnie’s old photo album