Hope- In Memoriam

Posted: February 13th, 2010


June 11, 2007


HOPE passed over the Rainbow Bridge June 11,2007. She was my Prancing Princess. HOPE was at a shelter I was volunteering at for 2 and a half years locked in a kennel and I was there everyday to take care of her and 2 other dogs . From time to time there were folks who wanted to adopt her but if they had other dogs or cats or kids the shelter would not let her go. I took her for a bath every month and I decided to bring her to my house. In the house was my son’s Red Nosed Pit Ginger, also a shelter rescue, and my 2 cats. We let the dogs check each other out thru the glass door, then sniff thru the screen door. There was no aggression shown, so I brought Hope in and Ginger started wagging her tail. Hope rolled over to show she would not be the alpha . I went back to the shelter, leaving Hope at home with my son and the animals. The head of the volunteers was there and she said “Where is HOPE”? I said she will never see the inside of this place again. I want her signed over to me at no charge. She knew I meant it and  called the CEO and HOPE was mine. I only had her 2 yrs but in that 2 yrs she lived a lifetime, learning about snow in the mountains of Colorado and what it was to be free and loved. She was my girl and I miss her everyday. I know she is here with me when her album falls off the couch or I find a penny in a spot that she had been.

Iris Lambka
Delray Beach, FL

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