Sadie – July 2013

Posted: April 3rd, 2014

We love seeing Happy Tails updates! Here’s a great one.

Sadie, formerly known as Arabella, is living a happy life in Baltimore and is loved very much by everyone, especially a cat!

Here’s Sadie when she came into American Bulldog Rescue. She had been chained outside and was bred constantly. Her backside was covered in a staph infection. She was underweight and pregnant, and had worn down her teeth from gnawing on her chain.

sadie before second pic of sadie before

That was July 2013. Jill & Ron adopted Sadie and it’s been love ever since. Healthier and happier days for sweet Sadie. As much as Jill & Ron love the most recent to their rescue family, Sadie’s biggest fan is sibling Frankie.

If you want more of Sadie or Frankie, check out Jill & Ron’s HouseLove pets page.

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