Gracie’s Happy Tail

Posted: January 12th, 2009
People always tell us how lucky Gracie is to have been adopted by my husband and me, but we know that we are the lucky ones.  Three years ago I was more heart-broken than I ever imagined I would be, when my 13 year old English Bull Terrier, Madison, died.  I never thought another dog could be as sweet, funny and gentle; but I immediately wanted to get another dog.  I eventually found myself at “American Bulldog”  ….the story posted about Gracie ended with : “…She is an angel. It is now time for Gracie’s story to begin a new chapter. A chapter of pages filled with love and comfort with a sense of security that she has only dreamed of. … I promise you will look at her everyday and thank yourself for bringing her into your life…”  ….and three years later, I look at her every day and thank God and American Bulldog Rescue for bringing her into my life.  Gracie survived Hurricane Katrina but was labeled as a “Pit Bull”, when they found her she suffered from heart worm, had a chain embedded in her neck, was 40 pounds lighter and her eyes were infected because of untreated entropion.  She went from New Orleans, to West Virginia, to Pennsylvania, before settling with us, and everyone who came in contact with her said, in spite of all she suffered, she was such a sweet and gentle dog.
Gracie is now healthy, happy, secure and comfortable; she mended my heart the day I met her and every day I love her more and more.  Her outside beauty now matches her inside beauty, and she is still a sweet and gentle giant.  I always ask her what I did to deserve her because I feel so fortunate to have such a perfect girl.  She is truly my best friend and the loyalist companion.  Since she is too big for us to be “Two Peas in a Pod” I call her my “Big Bean”.  When in the house she is a perfect lady, when we go out for our walks and to play, she is a rough and tumble athlete.  We walk for miles everyday and she is well known and loved around our town.  Everyone wants to say hello to Gracie.  She is so gentle with children and loves the attention.  We go to the beach and she chases seagulls like a little child.  We are so proud of Gracie and feel so blessed, there are no words that could possibly express how grateful we are to everyone who works so hard for dogs like Gracie.  We love American Bulldog Rescue …from the bottom of our hearts.

ps- I forgot to put the part about how when we leave the house, we come home to Gracie with something of mine near her, or in her bed. She takes a sweater, or a handbag from where ever she finds it, once she carried my big bag up the stairs and into her bed. She doesn’t chew it or empty it, it just sits there.  It brings tears to my eyes every time!!
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