Grace’s Happy Tail

Posted: January 9th, 2010



“She is an angel in dog’s clothing.” This observation made by a friend sums up our Grace.  She came into our lives soon after the heartbreaking loss of our beloved English Bulldog. She seemed to know she had big paws to fill.  She immediately fell in love with our baby boy, welcomes all  into our house and has even befriended our unbefriendable cat.  She seems to love life- going on bike rides, daily off leash runs through our horse farm, car rides, eating at local restaurants that allow dogs and curling up next to the fireplace at night.  She never ceases to amaze us.  When she first came to our farm, she ran down a fawn. When I finally caught up to her, I was expecting a grizzly scene. Instead, I found Grace gingerly licking the scared and tired fawn on the nose.  She alerted me to my son about to walk down steep deck steps after I mistakenly left the door ajar. She held him at bay until I was able to get there. Grace loves and respects everyone. That is why she is now (as of Nov 7) a therapy dog- giving her love to those who need it most. She is a true ambassador for her breed and  lives up to the meaning of her name Grace- a blessing.

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