Gilda & Otto’s Happy Tail

Posted: February 17th, 2009

Two Happy Tails in One!

Otto’s happy Tail-
Keith and I picked up Otto on our third date.  I never thought of him as “my” dog, just as “our” dog, which looking back was a nice feeling.  Otto was very well behaved from the beginning, but I did take him to obedience at Oak’s K-9, and it worked out so well he ended up becoming certified as a therapy dog.  Right now, we work with an adult home with three women, two who have aggression issues, but Otto’s presence has made a significant impact on the situation.

Otto is so loving, it takes us an hour to take an afternoon walk because the kids in the neighborhood wait for him so they can play.  He is docile, friendly, quiet…just everything we wanted in a dog.  He makes me laugh constantly.  He plays ball with himself on the steps (he’ll run the ball up the steps, throw it down, then chase it down the steps…then repeat for about an hour…) but if Keith and I are quiet, he just lays at our feet.  I am so happy Otto is part of our family!

Gilda’s Happy Tail-
Gilda came to us in a less than perfect state.  She had just been spayed, had knee surgery, and was seriously underweight.  She also had a case of the “I-miss-Jodis” and the “I-don’t-like-nicoles”.  But we worked it out, I am so happy we did!

We decided to get another dog because we had such a positive experience with Otto, and we thought he would do well with a playmate.  I also thought they would form a pack and be a little less concerned with keith and I, but no. Now we just have two supersized shadows…

Gilda warmed us to us quickly, which is great considering the condition she came to us in.  She and Otto are tight and are rarely in separate rooms.  We bought 4 42″ beds – two in the living room and two in our bedroom – and the dogs always share a bed when they sleep.  They always play, they walk well together, and Gilda is also a neighborhood celebrity.

Gilda is very sweet, and she is always affectionate.  She never shows any signs of aggression towards us or any of our friends, but she is a watchful guard dog.  I often nap with her on her bed because she’s such a good snuggler (I do have to fight for space with Otto…). 
Gilda will likely become a therapy dog as well due to her sweet dispostion and good behavior with children and other dogs.  We’re very happy she is part of our family!

Nicole & Keith

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