Fundraising Surprise for ABR!

Posted: November 28th, 2009

On behalf of the volunteers and the foster moms & dads at American Bulldog Rescue- We’d like to send out a Big, Big, Big Thank You to Debby & Rich Cornacchia, S.E. Gross Middle School, Miller Elementary  and Westmont Jr. High for their recent fundraising event for American Bulldog Rescue!
We received this note from Debby:

Debby, Rich, Lola and their NEWLY rescued baby- RafiWe asked friends, family and our students to give if they could. We typed up a flyer for our classrooms and included your logo of the four beauties, your website, and some info about your rescue. So many of our kids are dog owners/loves, they did what they could. One of my boys brought in 50 cents about every other day. It was sooo sweet.

I (Debby) teach in Brookfield District 95, (Brookfield, IL) S.E. Gross Middle School where staff and students alike donated. My husband, Rich, teaches in Westmont School District 201 (Westmont, IL) at both Miller Elementary and Westmont Jr. High. Again, students and staff gave as well.

My husband and I ordered blankets, toys, and collar/leash sets and other items to add to the pile. We finally got it all boxed up (and jammed as much as possible in there!) and it will be on its way this weekend.

We are so grateful for what you do for those beautiful dogs. We raised about $850 and I am happy to say that $500 of it is on the way to you. We selected three rescues and yours was the main one. Debby & Her Students

Several of my students asked if they can continue to bring things in for you! I said of course, so hopefully we will continue to send you good things. Also, I asked a friend of mine who teaches in Chicago about this and she is gathering items at her school, too. Hopefully by Christmas we will have another box ready to go. 🙂

We are all hoping we made a positive impact on some lucky dogs. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all American Bulldog Rescue does. You get heartbreaking and turn it into heartwarming.

Debby & Rich Cornacchia

We want each and every one of you to know that this most amazing surprise comes at a time when we are most needy for everything. We are overwhelmed with dogs needing help (including many that need major surgery), adoptions are down, and we are short on both money and supplies. We had no idea this was coming and the news brought tears to our eyes. Thank you, again, for taking time from your busy days to help American Bulldog Rescue. Your generosity and thoughtfulness will make a difference in the lives of many dogs.