Frankie’s Happy Tail

Posted: December 4th, 2010


Things couldn’t be going smoother-Frankie is an angel! Today was the 1st I’ve seen her & Gill play a quick game of tug with his absolute favorite toy. I am so proud of him 🙂 She met my son & his wife (Koa’s parents) and my daughter came over with our grandkids. Frankie acted like she has been here forever. She’s certainly a “bully” kind of girl, knows her mind but is listening well. So about the grandkids..since Hailey really didn’t like the name Frankie, an an agreement has been reached, her name is Frankie HoneyBee, sister to Gilligan Gillyman Sugarlump–everyone’s happy!!! Thank you for what you do Jodi, will be talking to you soon,

Frankie’s photo album