Foster Dog Bio Submission

This form may be used by ABR volunteers who are fostering for a dog for ABR that is ready to be posted for adoption. Please attach pictures at the bottom. A field with * is required.

Use this form to submit your foster dog’s info for posting. Please attach pictures at the bottom. Any field with a * is required.
This form is not for anyone wishing to surrender their dog. Any submissions for surrenders or shelter contacts under this form will be deleted. Please see the Surrender page for the appropriate form.

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    Anything else we should know about your foster dog's behavior with other dogs?

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    Hope you like to run long distances!Needs a couple walks a day.Needs in-house activitiesUp for a long hike any day.Low maintenance overall but needs quality outside time.Will go with the flowChampion couch potato"Energy, do you mean like walking to my food bowl?"other:


    These are a few of my foster's favorite things:

    (Think of something you'd want to make sure is always there for your foster. Tennis balls? Cheese strings? Belly rubs. Walks? Car rides? Other dogs?)

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    meeting peoplemeeting dogsstaying in a cratebehaving in the housegoing for car ridesmaking me feel safewalking on a leashcuddlingplayingcatching balls/frisbeefollowing commandsother:

    If I could handpick the perfect home for this particular dog, it would have:*

    another dogchildrenno childrenquiet environmentsomeone at home most of the daya fenced yardLots of exercise opportunitiesother:

    Training Needs

    potty trainingsocialization with peoplesocialization with dogsleash trainingneeds obedience trainingother:

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    Here's where you tell potential adopters about your amazing foster dog and why someone would want to adopt them. Focus on your foster and think of what you would want to know if you were looking to adopt. You can include their history explaining how they ended up in rescue, cute or funny stories about their personality.


    Please provide at least 2 good photos of your foster dogs. The best photos are well lit (think bright, outside light) and closer up.