Emmett’s & Sasha’s Play Date

Posted: February 23rd, 2014

Big Sir Emmett had a date with ABR Alum Sasha Bean. Video coming tomorrow!

They had some fun together. I was on the jittery side because since Emmett started boot camp training he’s played with trainer Dave’s dogs only.
emmett and sasha
All went well and trainer Dave was perfect at intervening when Emmett tried to push the play too far for Sasha. He used some basic techniques to keep the tone of the play date just right. When he saw their body language suggesting tension, he would simply walk between the two dogs. A couple times he tapped Emmett’s side with a basic, thin stick. This served to redirect Emmett’s attention away from Sasha and break the intensity that was building up in Emmett. Emmett responded great to all of this.

Emmett pretty quickly tired out party girl Sasha.

And it was great to spend some time with the big sir. He’s such a lover boy. Even with his new friend Sasha there, he took some time outs to show us some love. He will lick your face clean if you let him! He couldn’t contain himself when I got close with the camera. See:

emmett says hi

If your face is this close, I must kiss it!

It’s great to see him getting this chance. He’s going to make some family a great pet. He’ll love you, play with you, make you laugh, and make you feel safe & warm inside. If you think you’re that family, apply today to adopt Emmett. By mid-March he’ll be finished with boot camp and ready to go to his forever home. His family will have lots of great support from Show Me YOUR Dog Training owner Dave.