Emmett’s Making Friends and Sticking his Sits

Posted: April 3rd, 2014

Emmett has a couple weeks left in his boot camp training with Trainer Dave at Show Me YOUR Dog Training. I won the Emmett lottery this weekend and got to spend a couple hours with him. Whatta guy! He was a show off. Nothing but kisses! He’s going to make some family very happy with lots of love and lots of goofiness. It was great seeing the progress he’s made. When I first met Emmett in January, walking a short distance with him was a challenge. He was such a scaredy cat that his then-70 lb frame was stuck to me like glue, almost tripping me every other step. Just getting him in a collar was like Twister on steroids.

Now? He’s just a dog going for a calm walk and heeling, sitting, and being an awesome guy.

Here’s a glimpse at the sheer exuberance that is Emmett. He is a happy dog with a lot of energy. He’s a major kissy machine who likes to go “boing”!


He’s also made a new friend. He loves him some Newfypoo, Jeffrey. emmett with newfy


And here he is sticking his sit. Most of my pics of him are a blur. Here he is sitting patiently and calmly in the great outdoors of Baltimore city. You’ve come a long way, baby.

Emmett Sitting