Emmett has Re-upped for Another Month

Posted: March 4th, 2014

After spending 2 weeks with Big Sir Emmett and exposing him to different situations, trainer Dave has decided trainee Emmett needs to spend some extra time in boot camp. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of Trainer Dave of Show Me YOUR Dog Training, Emmett will receive another month of top-notch training for free. We can’t say enough about remarkable people like Dave and his wife, who donate their skills to help foster dogs.

Emmett’s second tour of duty allows Dave and Emmett to work on dropping his scaredy cat ways. Get him into public and that lovable, goofy, 80+ pound dog is nervous, unsure of himself, and not the Emmett we’ve come to know. ¬†Another sign that Emmett’s first year or so of life lacked the socialization every dog needs to feel confident and know how to conduct himself in all situations.

This is great news for Emmett! He’s going to have more time with a confident, skilled trainer and handler to make up for all that Emmett lacked before he got to American Bulldog Rescue.

Please keep tuning in for updates on our guy. We’re going to be looking for a forever home for him for mid-April. He’s going to need a strong, balanced, confident family who can continue building Emmett’s confidence.

We are very grateful for trainer Dave. Not just for this but for some great pics and videos of Emmett like these bath time pics.