Emergency Watch!

Posted: March 7th, 2010

03/08/10-  With a VERY heavy heart I write, the little girl didn’t make it. We are just devastated over this tragedy.

We hope you’re chasing butterflies and rolling around in big green pastures across the Rainbow Bridge little girl. May you find peace sweet baby.

We’ve had a situation to arise today and we may need emergency donations tomorrow as we, as usual, are broke. Jodi just paid $400 for the transport of Azalia and Skyy, had emergency medical bills for Abby & Cinda, owes almost $2000 in boarding costs etc (and this is the short version)….. and then this today.

Take a look at this little girl-





Where to start…. she is in Miami at the shelter. The vet there was trying to euthanize her today because they believe that she has parvo (though she tested negative). She is SEVERELY dehydrated and refusing food. Our rescue warrior was trying to get them to release her to us today but to no avail. She has a “stay of execution” until tomorrow morning and we are working frantically to find a vet that may be able to take her tomorrow as she will more than likely need to go into isolation. 

We’re not sure she will even make it through the night as this shelter does not have the resources (or the will apparently and seems to be completely void of a heart or soul but don’t get me started) to give her the fluids that she desperately needs.

First, please send some positive energy and prayers to her to help her to survive the night.

If she makes it, we will need some financial help. Please check back tomorrow as we will update the site just as soon as we know something. The ABR volunteers are working hard tonight to make the necessary arrangements to get her to safety.