Emergency Situation!!!- FL

Posted: January 3rd, 2010

Warning: This story is not for the faint of heart nor are the pictures.

01/04- In the rush to get the story posted, the names were posted incorrectly. We (I) originally wrote Sugar and Brownie. It should have been Sugar and Beba. 

ABR is working on a deplorable situation in Florida that arose yesterday where there are multiple dogs in desperate need of rescue immediately. American Bulldog Rescue will be taking “Sugar” and “Beba” (that we know of now- we will take all of the American Bulldogs that are there but we are still trying to get a handle on the situation). Carey has found a rescue group to take the puppies (they are on the way to get them as this is being written) and is frantically working to find rescues to take the other adults. We are requesting donations to help with Sugar and Beba’s medical care and boarding. Any help would be greatly appreciated!……… again, Warning: the below is very disturbing. 

01/03, 2:35 pm- the puppies are out and safe, working on the others.

01/04, 5:15 pm- 3 adult females (2 ABs & 1 Pit) were rescued late last night. They are safe and warm and getting medical care in a vet’s office. There’s 1 female Pit left and 2 males (1 AB- with gunshot wound & 1 Pit). We really could use some help with donations.

Note from Trina about Sugar, Beba and Diamond:
They got baths this afternoon..they were like what the heck? They are only used to getting wet from the rain I guess. In the pics Sugar is the old lady at about 11 years old-she is the white American with brindle patches, Beba is only about 2 years old and  she is the white American with a black patch over her right eye, Diamond is the little black Pit and she is also only about 1 and a half years old. You can see how skinny the old lady is with the overhead shot of her body-and the sores on all her pressure points from having no body fat. I also took pics to show the bloody bath water from the flea infestation they had. They were all pretty good-just scared of the tub. I’m so proud at the progress they continue to make each day-you can see it in their eyes every time they eat, lay on their blankets, and when you touch them softly-how very appreciative they are of being rescued from that hellacious existance they called life.

01/09/10- 4 puppies and 3 adult females (Sugar, Beba & Diamond) are all safe and warm. There is still one female and 2 males there. Trina is going to foster Beba as she is terribly scared and has bonded with Trina. Sugar is at Sun-Kiva Kennels with Louise where she will work on gaining about 30 lbs. We are still trying to find a Pitbull Rescue Group to help with Diamond and Brownie. We will continue to try to get the 2 males (one with a gunshot wound) out of this horrible situation. We want to give a huge Thank you to B.A.A.C (Bikers Against Animal Cruelty) for donating half of the costs for the vet care.

Here is the email that describes the situation:

Just got back from this property. There are pure bred American Bulldogs as well as America/Pit crosses. Here are some pictures-the pics aren’t the greatest as the dogs were all in cages and the sun was starting to go down by the time I got there. The Brindle adult is Brownie-female about 1-2 years old (pit/american cross)..she was probably in the best body condition out of them all. Diamond is the all black pit-female about 2 years old..she was in bad shape-emaciated, scared, appeared bloated from parasites, and horrible living conditions-no dog house and in a cage. Sugar is a purebred American female about 9-11 years old-she is the white one with brindle patches in the pics-if you look closely at her back end you can see sores-I guess from having no body fat and sitting down? The pics don’t capture how emaciated she really is. Beba is a purebred american also-female about 2 years old-skinny but not as bad as the others-she was terrified-don’t think she’s had much contact with strangers. The puppies-there are 4 total (3 males and one female) and they are about 3-4 months old. They are also in horrible condition-kept in a cage with only the bottom half of what used to be a dog house? They were huddling together to try to get warm-it was awful-they appear parasite infested also. They are skinny-nothing but ribs and a pot belly from worms-their gums were pale. They are pit/american crosses. I don’t think they will make much longer if they don’t get into a warmer place with proper food & deworming. I don’t know if all of the adults are salvageable-I would have to get them off this property and out of their environment to see how they responded-they have been terribly neglected. Whether we get them out of there and place them or put them down-either would be a better option than what they are dealing with at this property. There was also two adult purebred american males on the property-they wouldn’t let me take pics of them-they told me they are not willing to let me take either of them-one of them was missing an eye from roaming and coming home with a bullet in his head. They have never seen a vet-not even when the one dog was shot. I will try to address them later-I  guess trying to get the ones they will surrender is my priority. I can help transport-I can’t keep them at my house as I have 10 of my own. Please let me know what you think and if you can get help for them in any way..look forward to hearing from you-Thanks! -Trina




More photos of the other dogs are here.

ABR would like to thank the following people for their donations for these dogs:

Craig & Melea Levine
Blue Bell, PA