Email to Hilton Hotels

Posted: February 14th, 2010



Carolyn’s note to Hilton:

Hello Hilton Hotels,

I just thought you would like to know that Hilton Hotels played a vital part in the rescue of an American Bulldog mom, and her three, two week old puppies!!  Rescued from a pound in AL were she and her newborn babies were to be euthanized, The American Bulldog Rescue coordinated transport for her and her three precious babies.  Who would know that on their final leg of their long trip home, that a blizzard would hit the Northeast, leaving roads treacherous and impassable.  

Forced to pull off, we had to stop at six different hotels, being turned away from each one even though I pleaded for an exception due to the horrendous weather, but no one would help us. Having no other choice than to get back on I-95, I googled “pet friendly hotels,” and was so very grateful to find a Hilton Hotel nine miles up the road.  It was slow going, but we arrived safe, with an incredibly warm welcome at the Hilton Hotel in Springfield, VA.  If it were not for Hilton Hotels, their incredibly gracious hospitality and allowing pets, we would have had to sleep in the car that night. I might add that Hilton Hotels are far superior in every way to the hotels that turned us away, and that Hilton will always be my first choice from this point on.

Thank you Hilton!!!!!!

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