Ellie’s Happy Tail

Posted: February 20th, 2010



Formerly known as April, Ellie was one of our 3 demodex Miami puppies that we wrote about here. Here’s a note from her new mom and dad:

We’ve had Ellie since Wednesday morning (we changed her name if that’s okay; it just fits her so well!). We got her from one of the rescue angels taking care of her in the Miami area. My husband Peter drove Ellie back to our home in Asheville, NC, from Florida straight through in one shot, and she did very well. I took her to the vet that morning when they got home, as her kennel cough had gotten worse, so she’s on meds for that and for her severe mange, and is improving slowly. Her fecal test came back negative too. She’s also getting a BPO-3 shampoo bath a couple times a week to help with her healing. We also have a humidifier in the bedroom to help her breathing while she sleeps. She is eating Innova Puppy dry kibble, along with Prairie’s venison raw food medallions. She loves her Nilla wafer cookies too! She is potty training very good, going out every two hours. On Friday, she actually stood by the door to go pottie! She doesn’t like the snow very much, so she does her business on a mulch path. She goes in the same spot every time too!

She LOVES her bones and her toys, especially her Grover and Elmo, throwing them in the air and chasing them! She also is crazy for her Zhu Zhu pet! Ellie loves to sit and watch TV with us, and is amazed by the television, especially when there are doggies barking on Animal Planet. She loves obstacles, so she goes underneath the kitchen chairs in and out, and through our side tables in the living room. Big brother AB, Dozer, finally played with her today, and she was so happy that she now has a doggie buddy to play with! She is very smart, and gaining confidence by the hour. She sleeps all night in her crate; goes into it on her own and has never cried. When she sleeps, her tongue sticks out. It’s SO CUTE! And her nose is very keen! And she has yet to climb the staircase, but with her wonderful progress thus far, I’m sure it won’t be long! Since our 3 year old AB girl Payton unexpectedly died in December, it’s been so sad and quiet in the house. But now that Ellie’s here, we are all smiling and healing, and I can now say once again, “Hello pretty girl!”!! She is just a joy to have around. More progress updates to come!

Jennie & Peter

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