Einstein needs a home!

Posted: September 17th, 2010

Einstein is currently in FL and looking for his forever home. (Kleenex Alert!!!)

From Einstein’s dad:

Five years ago, a litter of six American Bulldog puppies were born.  The six got sick with parvo and one by one they passed away.  Only one overcame the sickness, and that is how Einstein’s story begins.

Einstein is a dog with one of the most unique personalities I’ve seen.  He has such a handsome face, and the worst part is that he knows it too.  His physicality demands attention and respect, but his heart deserves only love and care.  He’s very laidback and is not your typical dog that is dying to get up in the morning to go for a walk.  He could sleep in as late you want (literally), or just relax quietly until you decide to wake up.  He respects sleep. 

The company of people is what makes him the happiest.  As long as he sees you invite a person in the house, he is the sweetest dog with strangers, and easily wins their hearts over.  That does not mean that he does not guard a house.  He has a deep bark and becomes vigilant when next to a window.  Most of his life he’s been the only dog in the house, which is why I think he seems to like the company of people over a dog.  I have gradually introduced him to other dogs and that has worked out fine.  He doesn’t seem too fond of cats.  He’s a big guy so his dog play can be rough at first, but Einstein is great at listening to command.

He knows the basic commands: sit, lay down, stay, and heel.  He is extremely house trained and also knows better than to be chewing or scratching things around the house.  Einstein’s favorite game is tug-of-war and finds a good rub heavenly. 

His skin is somewhat sensitive and for that reason I prefer to keep him inside.  He sheds hair like all bulldogs, and also can drool when he gets excited, tense, or out of breath. 

I’ll be moving to NYC to attend grad school and I am not able to take him with me.  It breaks my heart to see us depart ways, but I know my misery will be another person’s blessing.  Einstein is a being that only knows of love.  Time and time again, he has shown me what unconditional love looks like.  My life has been filled with love, laughter, and affection for the past five years because of him.  I only hope that another person or family is blessed by him the way I was. 

My sister and Ricardo recorded this video for me yesterday thinking it would be the last day they would see Einstein.  The video put a smile on my face and I thought that you would really enjoy watching it.  I hope it can show you just how special the dog that you’ve been helping is.  Thank you for all your help and I hope you enjoy the video.

-Hugo A.


Einstein’s photo album