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Posted: February 15th, 2013

Last year was a huge success and a ton of fun.
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      Welcome to American bulldog rescue, a place where displaced bully breed dogs can seek shelter while waiting for that special someone to give them a forever home. We bring dogs into our family of volunteers that have been in the most desperate of circumstances.  Many times these dogs come to us with medical needs that they’ve had to live with, sometimes causing pain and impairments.  We depend on people who care to lend a helping hand, or perhaps donate financially to the various needs of the many dogs in our care. The winter can be a particularly rough time with dogs having to be subjected to living outside dealing with the harshness of the elements.  If you’re here looking to adopt or you’d like to foster, we would be happy to assist. We need applications for both to be filled out which are provided here on our site. If you’d like to make a donation you can do so by clicking on the link on our page here. Caring for a dog in need is a rewarding gesture on so many levels. The dogs sometimes require a little extra TLC in the beginning, but it doesn’t take long before they settle into a routine. In my experience I’ve come to realize that they are simple beings that don’t require much at all. Feed them to nourish their bodies and give them the energy to play, love them, for they will love you back more than you could ever have imagined possible.      P.S. routine veterinary care also a must!

“I watch my dogs.  They throw themselves into everything they do; even their sleeping is wholehearted.  They aren’t waiting for a better tomorrow or looking back at their glory days. Following their example, I’m trying to stick to the present.”
– dog quote by Abigail Thomas, A Three Dog Life

Please check out our new videos:

American Bulldog Rescue Northeast

American Bulldog Rescue Southeast



Custom dog bowl stands and dog beds to benefit American Bulldog Rescue

We would like to take the opportunity to tell everyone that our friend Mick has started a transport business. UNDERDOGS TO THE RESCUE is commited to carrying our furry friends to a new life in a safe, loving, clean, climate controlled environment. We pledge to be dependable for the needs of ALL BREEDS. We will be ready to go when you call and promise to be diligent in the quest to save dogs from demise. We travel up the east coast. WE’LL BE THERE. To make arrangements contact  Gail Hey, you can also visit us on facebook!

Cannot Ship This Product To AL, AK, MD, MS, PA, UT or outside the US.
PA orders should be shipped :
c/o Jodi Specter
1748 River Road
Lambertville, NJ 08530

All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, flea, tick and heartworm preventative.

We Need Foster Homes:

Fostering a dog for a rescue group requires commitment. Foster families must be willing to invest time, attention, TLC and offer a safe environment for a dog who is in need. Aside from the day-to-day schedule of feeding, exercise and grooming, some additional responsibilities may be required. Placing a dog in a foster home allows us to assess the dog’s personality and determine the type of permanent home we should be looking at for that particular dog. The foster parent provides love, attention, some basic training (which we help with), and a regular report on how the dog is doing. We are always in need of foster homes because the bottom line is the more foster homes we have available, the more dogs we can help.” American Bulldog Rescue provides food (if needed), supplies and take care of all the medical needs and veterinary costs. You just need to give it a try and you will be hooked! It’s the most rewarding experience to know that you helped a homeless dog find a fantastic family!

URGENT  FL: Sweet and scared Tati must be out of boarding by the 25th.She needs a wonderful, loving and patient family (no cats/small dogs) to show her that she can trust and love humans.She’s had a horrible short life and lived in a cage in a garage for her entire life.Her sister Ruby was adopted by a kind and loving and patient family and she is now the best dog.  She was house trained in two weeks.Please let me know if you or anyone you know can foster her.Thank you to:

For Giving her a big first step!

Florida: Princess Ruby is such a girly girl and loves attention. She loves to give you her right paw, just because. Ruby loves to get her babies and toys and bring them to your lap to play. She will trot daintily to get them and then bounce, got it and very daintily will bring it back t you. Ruby is especially fond of fluffy stuffed animals. She will baby and nuzzle, but sadly this will lead too the demise of the toy as she continues to destroy it, so supervise please. She loves her daily walks and long car rides where she will sit in the seat like a little human just looking out the window. This is very, very important:
What can you say about a boy who is gentle, playful, loyal, a faithful companion – what you can say is his name is Bruiser. We’ve been fostering him for approximately 2 months, and in that time he has become a much loved part of our herd. He loves to play with the nine other dogs, both ours and fosters, has some curiosity about the cats, and thinks Priss (the pig) is another dog. Any two-legger (human) he has met, he has greeted with a wag of the tail and the hope of a pat on the head – I have yet to meet another dog with such a gentle soul.
PA: Sweet Pea is an 8 month old angel who loves other dogs and adores everyone she meets. She would like a family with a male dog to play with and someone to train her how to be a perfect lady. She is gentle and submissive.


Florida: Gabi was an owner surrender in North Carolina- Gabi flew  ti FL with the help of very generous pilot! Gabi is a very healthy, playful dogue who loves people and gets along well with the 3 other dogs here, but now we believe she loves all the attention, so she may be best as an only dog. She is not fond of felines- at all!. She is 3 years old, spayed, up to date on her shots, HW-, on HW preventative, micro-chipped and crate and house trained. She is a beautiful girl with a HUGE personality, she is such a character and will make one lucky family very happy they adopted her. She is a lot of fun to have around and is such an easy going girl. Please fill out an adoption application if you’re interested in adopting Gabi.
FL: Quincy is a wonderful Ambassador for American Bulldogs.  He loves everyone!  He is approx. 5 years old and very lucky to be alive!  He was down to the last hour (before being euthanized) before being saved by 2 very wonderful women.  He’s is neutered and vaccinated and ready for his very own family.  Quincy is a total mush pot and very affectionate.  He is great with other dogs and children over 7.  He is the perfect gentleman in his foster home and doesn’t need to be crated.  He will simply wait for his human to come home.  Quincy is camera shy so it’s difficult to take good pictures of him.
PA: Miss Cindy Lou Who Cindy is waiting for a Dog savvy family that wont leave her home alone too much. People that are familiar with how this breed’s health is maintained with high quality diet, supplements, grooming and light exersize. Cindy would do best in a home with a comparable size male dog that is calm, submissive in nature. She enjoys the company of dogs and actually opens up faster with other dogs around. It looks like she watches how another dog interacts with new people to show her if everything is okay with them. Trust worthy humans are still new to her. She can be bossy and jealous (with other dogs) at times and would not be a match with a dog that challenges her. She lives happily with two male dogs in her foster home, who let her be the queen. Also a home with no kids is standard practice with adult dogs with no known history. Cindy can get rough during play and mouthy when very excited. This means no plans for kids in her lifetime.
PA: Rufus! Ru, Rufish, Rutitude…;
Everyone who meets him falls in love with his big mushy face. He stops traffic– literally 3 different people have pulled their cars over and got out to meet him! You can’t help but smile when you look at him.   He lives with a female pit bull and they get along great . We also had a visiting dog for a week that Rufus enjoyed. He has met a bunch of other dogs on our walks and is fine. Rufus does need a proper introduction to dogs though—which is really simple: you just need to walk few blocks next to a new dog and then he’s fine. Rufus has been our easiest foster: he’s completely housetrained, doesn’t chew a thing, easy to bathe, takes treats gently. He is smart too—he learns things very quickly. He sits and waits for his food until we
say ‘take it’.  Rufus likes a good walk, but after that ishappy to lay down at your feet for hours. He’s an all around great guy!
FL: My name is Toby and I’m staying with my fabulous foster family in Cape Coral, Florida! I was rescued out of a shelter in Miami but I don’t remember how I ended up there. I am about 1.5 years old and I live in a foster home with 2 furry friends. I weigh around 73lbs and I like to play, run outside, fetch, go on walks and cuddle. Since I am still a curious puppy I love to chew on bones and toys and take naps. I am learning my house manners very quickly and I’m potty trained. I love my crate and feel safe in it when my foster parents are at work. Since everyone says I’m so stinkin’ cute and I am so nice with strangers and I listen very well, I know it won’t be long until I find my forever family. I know how to sit on command, I love to go on car rides and enjoy a nice warm bath from time to time. I can’t wait to find my forever family and make them smile and laugh at my cute personality.
FL: Linda is approximately 2 years old and is spayed, vaccinated and ready for her forever family.  If you want a best friend for life, you’ll get it with Linda or Linnie as I call her. She just loves to be loved and rest her head on your chest. She is very affectionate. Linnie is beautifully house trained!
She will play like a puppy if you have a toy to play with her and loves to go outside with you and waits for her cue to go back in .
Florida: Kayde is 5 years and old spayed.  She weighs 60-65 lbs and is just the sweetest and funniest dog. She is very loving with everybody and everything. She gets along with all children and all pets. She loves her treats and will sleep or sit on the couch with you, if you allow her too. Otherwise, she lays on her bed. The famiy that adopts Kayde will be very lucky to have her. She is just so sweet.  AND Kayde LOVES the pool.

New Arrivals:

PA: Hello my name is Valentine; my foster family calls me “V” for short. I am an eight month old female American Bulldog/Boxer mix. I have the prettiest big brown eyes to match my white and brown brindle coat. The first few months of my life has been rough.  am quite shy little girl who loves to roll around on my doggie bed, chew on doggie bones, play with my toys, and sleep. Other dogs make me really happy! Per my foster Mom I am a quick learner I am working on my house training, I am getting used to my dog crate and I walk well on the leash. I have no food or toys aggressions. I am up to date on my shots, sprayed and microchip. I currently live with a small dog and two cats which I am quickly getting use to.
PA: Pudge is an adorable AB pup, approx 4-5 months old. Although Pudge is
completely deaf and mostly blind, this doesn’t stop her!!! She loves to play and cuddle and does an excellent job navigating her surroundings. She loves other dogs and is going great with house training. Please consider adopting this wonderful girl!She will bring a lot of joy to your family!
MD: Here’s the big, precious Gus boy. He came to us abandoned and emaciated. After some B12 shots to help him absorb his food better, he started putting on weight and his personality started shining through. And what a personality it is!
He greets you with cute noises and excitement and will flop down for a belly rub. For a Bordeaux, he’s pretty spunky but quickly calms down. Sometimes he is so overcome with wanting to show how much he loves you and forgets his size. He’s very obedient and fully house trained. He loves cuddling yet is also independent and sometimes prefers to simply hang out in his crate on his own.
He loves his foster sister and they play like gladiators and does well with other dogs. He’s great with our two cats. Every now and then he likes to say a close hello so dog-savvy cats would be best, but for the most part he ignores them. He hasn’t had much exposure to kids but he was OK meeting my 18-month old niece. When she walked by him and planted a kiss right on his nose, he stayed sitting all on his own. (I think he was surprised by the whole experience.)
He’s really good at meeting strangers but may get a little nervous if he’s challenged too soon. Nervous meaning he’ll bark to let the person know he’s uncomfortable. He will alert you of people too close to his property but responds to “no” to stop barking. He’s a good exercise companion, even for long walks but he doesn’t need them. He shares toys really well and is a neat eater. Gus’ goal in life is to make you happy. Whether that means keeping you safe, being next to you or giving you some space, he’s aiming to please.
Gus is estimated to be 2-4 years old. He’s in good health but his family will want to keep an eye on his weight, as he may need the occasional B12 shot if he starts losing weight. He shows no obvious signs of abuse but does show he’s thankful for being in a safe, loving home. He will be available for adoption at the end of March.
PA: Georgina and Frederica are a special pair. Georgina can’t see and Frederica is Georgina’s seeing eye pal. They are related somehow but we are not sure exactly. Frederica is about 6-7 months and Georgina is just a little over a year. Both girls are totally house trained and quite polite, dainty and playful.  They were surrendered by the same family who were in tears at the shelter when they had to leave them but they had lost their home. They are not crated at all in their foster home, they respect baby gates. They share everything : water, food bowls, toys and the same dog bed. Both girls are about 45 pounds so if you were here looking for a 90 pounder these are your girls!They are nice to every dog and cat they meet!
PA: Georgina and Frederica are a special pair. Georgina can’t see and Frederica is Georgina’s seeing eye pal. They are related somehow but we are not sure exactly. Frederica is about 6-7 months and Georgina is just a little over a year. Both girls are totally house trained and quite polite, dainty and playful.  They were surrendered by the same family who were in tears at the shelter when they had to leave them but they had lost their home. They are not crated at all in their foster home, they respect baby gates. They share everything : water, food bowls, toys and the same dog bed. Both girls are about 45 pounds so if you were here looking for a 90 pounder these are your girls!They are nice to every dog and cat they meet!

Happy Tails:

NC: Princess Princess in an approximately 3-4 year old beautiful girl with a brindle patch around her eye.  She has a wonderfully happy disposition, loves everyone she meets, and when she is really happy, she has a bouncy “dance” where she can actually get some air.  She loves to snuggle, and really enjoys a big fluffy dog bed.  She does get on the furniture when invited.  Otherwise, a comfy bed on the floor is just fine for her.  She isn’t a huge barker, but she IS a talker.  She will tell you when she is ready to come in, ready to go potty, or if she is bored.  She is still not quite sure about going out into the fenced yard to go potty, but she is getting to the point where she will go out the door without coaxing most of the time.  Otherwise, we just slip on  her leash and she walks out willingly.  She prefers to be with her people, so she goes out, does her thing, and wants right back in with you.
Florida: Louie has been adopted!!I enjoy the simple things, now that I am super healthy. A walk in my neighborhood, a long nap on my comfy foam dog bed (or sofa). I love making new friends through the guests who come to our house and always love playing with kids. Children like romping around the yard with me. I have a pool in the back yard. I have been swimming several times, but only with a Doggie Life Vest and my foster. I do love it!  It is time for me to join my new Bull Dog loving home. You should also know I am house trained and listen to basic commands. I currently live and play with an English Setter and we have became great friends. I do like all doggies, preferably nice ones. I certainly like playing and willing to always learn, especially if it is attached to a new toy or treat. I am 100lbs+ and just so thankful and eager to have a new BFF to continue our journey!
Pennsylvania: Tica is a Gem! She is house trained, great with other medium and large dogs, she is really well mannered in the house and she is a little doll!!!  She shares her toys with other dogs and takes a lickin without getting offended!
Florida: Lucie was emaciated and saved within an HOUR of Euth! She is now 90 pounds and growing. Her family LOVES her so much!!
Florida: Rosebud is a foster failure! Adopted by her fabulous foster family!
Juggernut is so happy in his new home and so is his family!

Before and After


Tribute to Auggie adopted in 2003:


Awesome pics of the week

^ As seen on NY INK!!!!

Buckus (adopted in 2009)is famous!