Don’t Forget Daisy!

Posted: May 22nd, 2010

With your help… we can rebuild her.

Meet Daisy! Her 85 year old owner walked her into to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay because he could no longer take care of her.  She was scared to death after being left by the only person and home she ever had. She just stayed in the corner of her cell until the wonderful staff starting walking her and feeding her treats.  She totally blossomed and won their hearts.  After weeks of going around and around and around, we were able to take possession of Daisy one day before she was to be euthanized due to her hip dyisplasia and knee issues.Daisy is now in ABR hands and will be scheduled for her first surgery in approx. two weeks.  She will need small walks every day to help build up her atrophied muscle tone while we collect donations for the first of her very expensive surgeries.Please donate if you can.  Every dollar helps.

Unfortunately, we haven’t raised enough money to proceed with her first surgery.  It could be because she’s not gory or bloody….but she is in pain and we’d like to schedule her first surgery in the next 2 weeks.   In the beginning, the shelter’s fund was going to assist us in getting her hips fixed, but once they saw her knees, they decided euthanasia was a better option. If you ever get the privilege of meeting Daisy, you’d know that euthanasia is simply not an option for her. ABR has again stepped up to help a case that everyone else has written off. We have been in contact with several orthopedics who have all concurred that Daisy is facing bilateral femoral head osteotomies (FHO) where they remove the head of the femur and the muscles strengthen to hold the joint in place. The pain that she feels currently with every step, bone on bone, would be gone from a usually less than 1 hr surgery. Today’s consult will let us know whether her hips or knees are more urgent/painful and which will need to be repaired first. The down side, as you all know, is always the cost. FHOs generally run about $3,000 if you have a vet willing to work with rescue. The knees are even worse! I was quoted for my personal dog, with a discount, $3,200 for a single knee…and no they don’t give them a new one lol. Along with our doctors, we are confident that Daisy will have a life of love and comfort ahead of her. I’m sure in the near future we can post a video of Daisy running! Please forward this link to all your animal loving friends. Every dollar brings us closer to our goal.

06/12/10- From Carey: Finally, Daisy has a medical foster home with Chris and Hillary so we can get her first surgery scheduled for her knees.  I’m so happy for Daisy as she’s waited a long time for a place to rehab where she’ll be kept calm and quiet to recuperate.  She’s  finally on her way to becoming pain free.  We will have updates and pictures to follow her post-op success.

Daisy’s photo album 


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