Donor Acknowledgement- Special Occasions & Holidays

Posted: July 6th, 2009

It is with lasting thanks that American Bulldog Rescue would like to acknowledge
the following people for their generosity and thoughtfulness:


Happy Birthday Julie!

Marilyn Kail
Pittsburgh, PA
For Jason & Paula’s Wedding:

Jason Brickajlik
Sauderton, PA
Happy Birthday Mark Pincus!
Laura Hartman
Merry Christmas Sam & Broseph!
Marynell Benson
Wallingford, PA
 For Charlotte:

John & Hannah Tatu
 Merry Christmas Nick, Lisa & Smash!
Andrea Vlahos
Chestertown, MD

Happy Birthday Rachael!

Higgins Family

Sue + Rick

Debb + Ethan

Huff Family

Klaus Family

Larry + Geri