Donor Acknowledgement- Medical Care

Posted: January 6th, 2009

It is with lasting thanks that American Bulldog Rescue would like to acknowledge
the following people for their generosity and thoughtfulness:


For Lydia:

Benedicta McGrath
New Canaan, CT
J&H Select
Quality, KY
Iris Lambka
Delray Beach, FL

For Cupid & Valenitne:

   Andrea Stover

 For Sammy’s medical Bills:

   Barbara Scinto

 For Willa’s medical bills:

   Marie & Gracie Fox
Christopher Capo Tara Rohren
William Lowery
 Annick Le Parque
Marie Sarro
Timothy Franzen
   Robin Feiger
Lisa Langeneckert Carol Ann Schirmer
Dawn Maynor
   Angel Cardenas
Dorothy Hewitt
Annette Puente
Heidi Leonard
   David, Deegan &
   Big Daddy Fargon
Allison Ford
Michele Schols
Dianne Inman
Jay Kay Products
Lauren Albanese
Leslie Shakespeare
   Thomas Becker Angela Sera
Elizabeth Cling
Holly Brown
   Agnes Eichman
Barbara Robertson
Travis Shaw
Min E. Bear & Sam
   Sally E. Mitchell Phyllis Colmar
Teri Parkhouse
Sharon Long
   Tara Eisenhard
Robert Cooper
Craig, Melea,
Jordon & Jacob
Vicki Kloske
   Gary Brod
Debby Cornacchia

 For Jelly’s Medical  bills:

   Jerry Solujich Mary Fox    

For general medical bills:

Sue, Steve & Bella Fleisher

For Peanut Butter’s medical bills:

Helen + Spanky
Thomas + Gang


Colleen &
Glenn Horan

For Flower’s medical bills:

The Hoopes

G. Pullen


For Aiko’s medical bills:

Ann McCord  

Maria Wetherill

Christopher Levi

Andre Stover Colleen & Glenn Horan