Diesel’s Happy Tail

Posted: January 9th, 2010

Good news, after a check-up and blood work Diesel’s thyroid levels are completely in the normal range and he is now of the meds. He is getting a hydrocortizone eye ointment and benadryl everyday and is now doing great! He gets more personality everyday and is now behaving like he has always been here.He really is a very special guy and gets so much love and affection. Diesel “ham’s it up everywhere he goes(and believe me he goes everywhere! He is a great example of what good work you do and I tell everyone about your organization! I must tell you he now has a french fry addiction, don’t worry though he gets plenty of exercise now and is down to 64lbs. Snow is not his thing even with the new sweater, but he is very happy, and he makes everyone around him happy as well. Thanks and we hope you are well,
Shelly and Mike Bloodsworth

ps-Has he always washed like a cat? Now he and Lammie wash each other every night before bed!

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