Daisy’s Happy Tail

Posted: January 16th, 2011



We adopted our dog in August. When I called ABR originally, I had a few dogs on my mind that I wanted to inquire about. Daisy wasn’t on that list, but Kim suggested her after talking to me a bit. I agreed to come see her and I am forever grateful that Kim recommended her. As soon as I saw Daisy, I knew she was our dog. More accurately, I knew she was my dog. I felt an instant connection to her which amazed me since I’m not a huge dog person. (Correction: I wasn’t a huge dog person) . I was originally looking for a dog for my kids since one of our dogs passed away. Daisy was amazing from day 1. I thought she might have some aggression with my other dog during feeding time because she was rescued from an environment where she was practically starved to death. I soon found out there was no need to separate Daisy during feeding. She had no problem eating right from the same bowl as Winston, my King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Actually Winston was the one that had a hard time sharing.  He has something of a Napoleon complex. Daisy loves Winston. Winston tolerates Daisy.  Daisy is a gentle giant and is wonderful with my 3 children. Shortly after we got her, my sister and her 2 very young kids came to stay for a month. I was a little nervous because I didn’t know how she would be around toddlers, but my fears were completely put to rest. She was so sweet with them. She is wonderfully obedient which suprised me given her background. I can only attribute her good manners to the family that fostered her briefly. She knew basic commands when we got her and she will not jump on you. Sometimes she gets so excited and you can tell she wants to jump up so badly, but she absolutely won’t do it. I’ve only heard her bark a hand full of times. She never has accidents and she goes right into her crate at night when you tell her to. She has been doing this ever since we got her.  I cannot say enough good things about Daisy.  Her greatest joy is simply to be around me. She wants to be where ever I am.Oh, and she loves licking yoplait french vanilla yogurt containers out after we eat them. We put a lid on the recycling container and she still figured out how to fish them out.
We did find out shortly after having Daisy fixed that she had mammory cancer, but she had surgery in the fall to remove it. She is cancer free and doing wonderfully. She has also put on weight. My girl likes to eat! I’m so thankful that I found ABR on a search and was drawn to the breed. I had never seen them before. What a wonderful breed. It seems like they all have temperaments similar to Daisy. I see that so many of the dogs up for adoption love car rides. Daisy also LOVES car rides. Even with lots of yucky vet visits in her past, she never hesitates to jump in the car. Thank you ABR and everyone associated with it. Thanks for rescuing Daisy and so many dogs like her. I’m so blessed to have her and so glad I could give her a happily ever after.   

God bless,

Daisy’s photo album