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Posted: December 30th, 2010

Courtesy Posts:

Mugsy is a sweet girl who has been running stray for over a year.  Her only companions have been a stray beagle and an 82 year-old widow who has been putting food out for both dogs. Mugsy is very timid and fearful of people and no one could ever get close enough to catch her.  A “neighbor” was going to shoot Mugsy.  With the efforts of five people and after a couple hours of work, Mugsy let her guard down just long enough for someone to get a slip a lead over her head.  She was terrified and shaking like a leaf.  Mugsy was then relocated to her foster home. Two days later, a vet came out to examine and vaccinate Mugsy.  The vet determined she was no more than two years old and she weighs 73lbs. She has been spayed and she tested positive for heartworms.  We began heartworm treatment on 10/27.  She will spend the next 4-6 weeks in recovery.  Mugsy is very shy and everyone agrees she must have been abused.  She is not a hyper dog.  She does not jump or bark.  She is afraid of strangers, especially men.  She cowers if you approach her while holding objects in your hands. She has never displayed any aggression toward us,our dogs or our cat. When you look into her eyes you can just tell she wants to be loved.  Mugsy needs an experienced dog home where she can learn what being a spoiled dog is all about. She is in Madison, TN. If you would like to adopt Mugsy, please complete an ABR application.

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Hi, I’m Cisco! I’m currently living with my family (in MD), but my daddy works 12 hour days and just doesn’t have time for me anymore. I spend more of the day crated. This is no life for a great guy like me! I’m very friendly and affectionate! I’m hyper and strong, but I just started obedience training. I’m super smart and eager to learn, so I’m sure I’ll graduate at the top of my class! Since I’m kind of a wild guy right now, it would be better if I didn’t live with any small kids. I might accidentally knock them over, and I wouldn’t want to do that! So, if you’re in the market for a sweet and fun guy, please give me a shot! If you would like to meet Cisco, please call Kim at 443-386-6170 and fill out the ABR application.

MISS PIGGY is a super duper dog. She is 7 years old, spayed, up to date on her shots, lived with kids, and seems to be afraid of cats. She’s probably never seen a cat in her life but what a sweetheart, very laid back and housebroken. Please email for an application

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This handsome gent is Ollie. What a doll this guy is. An adult pure breed roughly 6-7 years old and 128 pounds. He originally came to the American Bulldog Rescue about 3 years ago when he was found roaming the streets in Georgia. A bit battered and confused Ollie was hoping for a forever home. He was adopted by a loving family with a stay at home mother who showered him with lots of love. Unfortunately, like many, his home has been hit hard by the recession. Money is short and Mom now has to work. Ollie is very depressed over this. He misses taking walks, going on play dates in the park and spending quality time with the family. Dad tried taking him to work with him during the day but Ollie is afraid of the loud noices on the construction site. Although, Ollie is safe and cared for, he deserves more. He would reallllly like to have a home where Mom or Dad either didn’t work or worked from home. He doesn’t require tons of attention but doesn’t like to be alone for long periods of time. Ollie is good with most dogs but like lots of the bullies wants to be the leader of the pack. He currently resides in a home without cats but seems to be fine with them. Walks well on lead and off lead for that matter. In the three years he has been with his family, has not once had an accident in the house. Is good with strangers although because of his size he is a bit intimidating. He listens extremely well and is a big goofy couch potato. He is super smart and communicates well. If he wants or needs something he will let you know that is for sure. Best suited in a home with older children (8 and over) as lil tots make him nervous. He does like to play rough, tug of war and wrestling with his Dad on the floor seem to be his favorite. No health issues other than being a little overweight due to not being exercised properly lately. He is an indoor dog, wants to go out do his business and come back in. Doesn’t really like being outside for long periods of time. Loves to go for rides in the car. Ollie has lots of love to give. He needs a forever home. Meet him once and you’ll be in love forever! Ollie is in NJ. If you are interested in him, please complete an ABR adoption application.

Max lived in a home with a Beagle, and a 19 month old child in a Brooklyn Apartment, and was leash walked,  and did very well. Max is a warm, loving, playful dog. He loves to play football and fetches. He did go to the dog parks with the family and did well, as long as the other dogs were friendly with him. Max’s family is going through a divorce and has to move now where no one can
take him. He was signed in to the MCSPCA on 1/6/11

Adoption Manager
Homeward Bound Adoption Center
Monmouth County SPCA
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Max is a beautiful and sweet gentle giant and at 3 years old, has a long and wonderful life to look forward to.  This poor boy has never had a break in his short life.  His owners took him to the local vet to euthanize him because he had mange…..a very curable skin condition.  When the staff went in to euthanize him, he gave them a big kiss….they couldn’t do it.  The vet’s office bathed him and treated his skin condition, then neutered and vaccinated him.  He was eventually adopted by a HORRIBLE person that put a shock collar on him and repeatedly shocked him.  Her 2 year old daughter thought it was a fun pass time too. Luckily the rescue took him back.  He is safe now and desperately needs a home where he’ll be loved and cherished, not abused.  Those days are over for Max.  He is such a great dog! He is great with kids, cats, small dogs.  He gets really jumpy and fearful if he hears a “beep” sound, bless his heart. Their shock collar must have beeped. But no aggression.  His name from his previous life was “Champ”, and he will still answer to that. I have just kind of renamed him Max to give him a fresh start. He has had a lot of rough breaks, poor guy! Max is located in TN.  Please contact Carey at if you think you can love this boy for the rest of his life.
It’s hard to find a better family dog than Zellee. She adores the 5 & 7 year old children in her life, loves to run and play in her yard with her boarder collie friend, is housebroken and mannerly in the house. Zellee is in excellent health and anxious to find a new family to love. If you would like to meet Zellee, please call Kim at 443-386-6170 and fill out the application at