Callie’s Happy Tail

Posted: October 30th, 2010



 (formerly Lady J/Nessa)

Hi Chris,
My first day away from Satan’s daughter… LOL! She’s a little hellion! But really, she’s doing very well. Suzanne and I did change Nessa’s name. (I hope you don’t mind – she took to it right away.) Her name is Callie, short for Calliope, Zeus’ daughter and lover of Ares, the god of war. She was Homer’s muse. Callie answered to her name immediately. Anyway, Suzanne had her first day alone with the baby girl, as my first day at work was today. I received frequent calls of OMG she’s running around, or Sig and she are romping thru the palmettos, or they are playing tug of war. Finally, she’s been put up for the night and Suzanne is exhausted. The kids are doing very well together, to be sure. Take care.

PS : We almost called her grunter. I love the noise she makes running around!

Callie’s photo album