Brutus’ Happy Tail

Posted: June 12th, 2010




Brutus, formerly known as Boss and one of our Winnipeg beauties– 

Hi Jodi,

Brutus is loving the new house. He has a fenced in backyard to play in which he has been loving rolling around in.  He jumps out into the yard, literally does a somersault and then starts rolling around on his back… I think he does it to get Reese to come out and play with him. It’s too funny!

I took him out to PA a few weeks ago to meet my family… he did great on the trip. My brother just rescued a dobi (5mths old)… him and Brutus got along great… he really gets along good with other dogs and has been getting better and better with them. We try to take him and Reese to the dog park on a regular basis to get him even more socialized. There is a Cane Corso at the park that loves Brutus, as soon as they see each other they run to each other and play the whole time.

I think he just had a growth spurt because in the past two weeks he looks taller and fuller to me (if thats possible!)… he is still VERY puppiesh though.  The way he moves around is still like such a puppy, its really cute. He is doing really good though.  He’s great on a leash now… actually better than Reese at times!

Michelle Krauss


09/10/10 Update:

Hi Jodi,

Hope all is well. Just wanted to Give you an update on Brutus. He is  doing really good. He weighs 107 lbs now but it’s really funny because he’s so huge but still moves around like such a puppy! Everywhere we go he is the center of attention, everyone wants to know what he is, he of course eats it up, he’s such a ham! Him and Reese love each other more and more everyday, they cuddle up with each other every night. Reese acts like his mother and is always giving him kisses, which I think he just tolerates from her! There is a new dog park in town that just opened up that’s on six acres of land, all fenced in, it’s awesome and the dogs love it, ill try to take some video of them on my phone next time we go and send it to you.  We just took Brutus to Vermont with us last weekend to visit family, he did really good and loved hanging out by the campfire at night. He is such a character Jodi, I could watch him all day, his expressions are hysterical. Well I just wanted to give you an update and let you know that he is doing great! I’m going to try to attach some pics to this email but I might have to send them separately so if you don’t see anything look for them in a separate email, take care Jodi

Michelle Kraus


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