Brando’s Happy Tail

Posted: June 20th, 2010



Hi – It’s Brando (formerly Debo).  I’m so happy to be safe in my forever home with my new Mom, Sharron. There’s a great yard and I get to go for car rides everyday.I arrange and re-arrange my doggie beds and toys as often as I like, and I get really good chow.   Mom thinks I’m very charming and handsome, and most times she’s pretty happy with my behavior.  I was kind of a wreck when my Mom picked me up from a shelter in Maryland 4 weeks ago. I was sad and afraid and didn’t even want to eat. I used to get very upset every time my new Mom had to go out, but now I’m pretty cool about it. She promised me that no one would ever hurt me again, and that she will always take care of me.  I’ve met a lot of new people, and my Mom keeps talking about this socialization stuff.  Wow, she gave me a big dose of it this week–8 people staying over for 3 days and a party one night for about 20 people.  She gave me a C+ for my behavior.  I’m such a mouthy boy that I just want to gnaw a little bit on each person to get to know them. She says I’m very smart and have lots of potential (that must be a good thing because she smiles and kisses me when she says it), but I have to be nice even to the people who smell like cigarette smoke.  They’re the only ones I don’t like so much.  I can’t tell her what happened to me in my last home, but she said only good people will get to see me now.  At first I thought I was going to get to be the boss here, but Mom is in training to be a better pack leader,  so it looks like I can relax and let her worry about taking care of me for a while.  Going out for my nap in the sun now.  Later!

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