Boris’ Happy Tail

Posted: May 22nd, 2010




When we had decided to add a fourth I knew I we wanted a rescue.  I must have–sadly–poured through hundreds and hundreds of dogs online when I came across the ABR site.  I had originally inquired about Sumo (in Maryland), which ended up a not so good match.  Some time had passed and again we looked and looked and nothing felt exactly right.  And then, there he was.  The day I laid eyes on our little boy I knew he was the one!  After reading his write-up I knew he needed a little TLC and a little recoup time before he would be available for adoption… and when the time came we were full speed ahead!  Without question, one of the BEST decisions I have ever made in my life.  Boris was truly meant to be.  As you’ve already experienced… he’s a wonderful companion and the entire family simply adores him!  We spent several days with my family down in Florida and then we (Boris and I) drove back up to Maryland.  I think he was a little frightened during the trip up… not too sure where I was taking him.  He wouldn’t eat or drink anything and crouched into the very back corner of my Suburban (sniff, sniff).  I felt so bad.  And then, when we arrived home, a quick walk with the pack.  Boris walked in the front door and I swear he knew he was home.  He bounced all over the place.  It was fantastic and all dogs are perfectly fine with each other… HUGE success!

And now… roughly two weeks later… you’d think Boris lived here his entire life.  Made himself right at home.  What a dream and SO well behaved.  He did however pick up a nice little “I wanna go outside and play wine” from my sisters dog.  Holy smokes!!… you’d think Boris was a young pup.  He wants me to chase him around the yard for hours.  I’ve been getting such a work out while the three other lazy dogs lay on the porch watching us.   And I must say… now that he’s gained about 8 pounds his noggin’ fits his body.  Oh and I forgot to mention… he eats his food from a spoon!  Yes, I’ve created a diva.. or should it be divo?  I had trouble getting him to eat at first so I tried a little TLC to make it a little more exciting… and now he will sit and wait for me to hand feed him.  Oh well… we love him so much we’re happy to do it.  And I must tell you, every time my husband looks at him he tells me–and I feel the same–how blessed we are and can’t believe he’s actually here.

Julie and Boris 

Boris’ Photo Album