BooBoo- URGENT- puppy in FL

Posted: March 25th, 2010

I received the email about this one yesterday evening. Have you ever received such awful news that your brain just couldn’t process it? I honestly couldn’t get my brain around this one until now… or shall I say, I’ve composed myself enough to present the facts.

WARNING- this is NOT for the faint hearted and the photos are extremely graphic!!!!!





Meet BooBoo.




This poor boy’s penis, mysteriously, was torn off. In addition, his 1st human owner put rubber bands around his tail, so it would “die off” to crop his tail.

Here is the original email (edited):

Hi guys..this dog came into our clinic today and I’m writing this to please ask anyone that can help to do so ASAP. He is about 5-6 months old and he appears to be an American Bulldog mix? The woman that brought him in today had rescued him from an abusive owner that had tied a rubber band around his tail to dock it. She has had him for a few months. She said he went out to potty last night and came in gushing blood from his penis. He was very painful it appeared to have been cut? We don’t know exactly what happened to him.
The woman is on social security and had borrowed money to bring him in today. My vet will not treat unless the owner can pay for services rendered. When we put him under anesthesia, we were able to see the full extent of the injuries. These pics are graphic-the entire penis was ripped off. The outside skin was there but inside the actual penis was gone. You can see in the pics where the urinary catheter is coming out-that is how far down the injury went. He had to had reconstructive surgery to make a new opening for him to urinate from. He also had to have an IV catheter placed as he was very shocky during surgery. The vet didn’t think it was safe to neuter him at this time because he wasn’t stable. In a few days he will be neutered when he can handle the anesthesia. He should have a good quality of life. The urinary catheter should be removed in a few days and he will be urinating from a new opening. He should have full bladder control.
This was an emergency decision by my part to save him. During surgery the owners were told the extent of his injuries and told us they could not afford the surgery to fix him. He would have been euthanized. This dog is so sweet-under all the pain he was in-he let us handle him without batting an eye. He is dog/cat/people friendly as he is just a pup. I felt he deserved a chance. He is such a nice fella.
Surgery cost are estimated to be around $600. The owners have signed him over to me, so that I could try to save him. I am hoping to recover him and place him through a reputable rescue. I know I’m asking a lot, but alone I can’t pay for this surgery. He will need all the help we can get. Please get the word out for donations.
This dog would have died without help today. He could not urinate and his bladder was blocked from the damage. I know this is a lot to ask. And I appreciate anything anyone can do. Thank you so much for your time-Trina


We want to thank everyone for donating and all the well wishes for this little guy. His vet bill is paid! Thank you so much. Don’t forget that we have many more that need your help too.

A BIG (!!) thank you to the following for donating to help with BooBoo’s medical costs (please note, this does not include donations made directly to the vet’s office):
A Special Thank you to Bikers Against Animal Cruelty!!! Please check out their website and the great things that they do. We are forever thankful  for their assistance!
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*Boris- please tell Julie how much we appreciate her helping you to donate