Boca Needs a Foster Home

Posted: November 8th, 2009

BocaBoca is a young female American Bulldog mix with stunning blue eyes. Boca is an ASPCA cruelty case and was taken away from a neglectful owner who left her starved, dirty and unfortunately heartworm positive. She is a sweet girl who loves people and especially kids. She just wants to be with her people. She is respectful in the house and is learning how to walk on a leash. Boca received her first heartworm treatment on 11-3-09. Boca is not a cat fan. We would love a foster home for Boca where she can stay calm through her treatments. Having her live as as only dog would be better for her as she is not allowed to play for the next few months.

Boca is currently living at Jodi’s home but it’s  kinda tough for her there. There’s so much going on with all of the dogs. She had her 1st treatment and needs to stay totally calm for a month and they get her 2nd treatment and stay calm for another month. No running, jumping walking more than going out to do her business. Boca currently has to stay in her crate because if she could be out and about there she would end up running and playing.

And if the poor girl hasn’t been through enough already, she also needs to be treated for Lyme disease, needs to be spayed and also has something going on with her that’s making her so skinny but she cannot have any further tests until she recovers from her heartworm treatment.

We are currently looking for a foster home (or a forever home!) for Boca in either Pennsylvania or New Jersey. Please consider opening your home for such a special girl who is looking for a family to love! If you can help, please contact Jodi. View Boca’s Photo Album