Bentley’s Happy Tail

Posted: January 6th, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Bentley is doing good.  He is enjoying life in Ohio.  We went onto ABR website and saw Bentley’s mug shot.  We love it.  He is SO great.  We cannot imagine our life without him!  Although it is like having a two year old.  He is a very vocal dog (not like the first few weeks…we thought he did not have a voice).  He wants to play all the time.  Well, you know the breed.  He is either a lazy couch potato or a crazy boy…from one extreme to another.   He has a HUGE toy basket.   His favorite is still a soccer ball but he also loves his very tuff unrippable squeaky kitty. Santa brought him a back up kitty and a new kangaroo (among other things).  We will see this kangaroo is as durable as the kitty.  Toys do not last very long around him.  He knows me as his “Mommy” and I know him as my “other son” or “mommy’s baby”.
I don’t believe that he is a dog!  I think he is a person wearing a fur coat.
I hope all is well.  Kenny checks out the ABR site often.

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