Beatrice’s Happy Tail

Posted: October 23rd, 2010


(formerly known as Batgirl)

Hi Guys,

I have lots of pics to share! Will get them loaded up in the next few days. Beatrice is doing fantastic, she loves her big bro and he does a great job of keeping her out of trouble. LOL

She is becoming so confident, I think having Buddy by her side is a great help. Just like her bro she is my shadow, if I’m relaxing she is right up against me. She is our little princess! I have also been working on her fear of children, she loves to sit on the balcony and watch them play, the kids all know if they want to pet Bea they must sit down, be quiet and let us approach. She gets so curious she ends up running to them. I love her so much can’t imagine life without her now! Potty training has been great, no more accidents she heads for the door when its time to go. Right now we are focusing on leave it and she is a quick learner but very fiesty! When I get the pics loaded I will send them to you. Hope you guys are doing well and enjoying your new foster, I know Finn was mad that I took his girl away.

Tara, Buddy & Beatrice

Beatrice’s photo albumĀ