Bear’s Happy Tail

Posted: June 20th, 2010



Hi – we adopted ‘Bear’ the Old English Bulldogge in October of last year and wanted to share some pics and stories with you.  First of all, Bear is now extremely happy and healthy in his new home.  He was up around 98lbs when we first got him, but he’s down to a much healthier 84 lbs now.  He loves his new family very much – especially my 11 year-old daughter, Soren, with whom he is inseparable.  Bear’s favorite activities are going on long walks in the woods or the park with us at least once a week – he loves to run through the woods, chasing whatever animals he comes across and even splashing around in the water (not too fond of swimming though…I think he just likes to get wet!)

Living in the city, I think it was somewhat of an adjustment for him with all the noises and people around, but given a lot of love and attention, on top of the fact that we get out of town to the woods or the beach as often as possible, he has become very comfortable in his new home and we don’t know what we’d do without him!  He’s our constant companion, protector and stress relief.  Bear has brought us together as a family and we couldn’t have asked for a better addition to our family.  Thank you again for bringing us together!

Mike Smith
Soren Smith

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