Annie + Oakley + 3rd Musketeer

Posted: January 19th, 2010

Here we are, yet again….. we need money. We’ll spare you the exclamation marks only to say, we need help, truly. This is really just a sampling of the issues we have going on at the moment. Please help us if you can.

ABR has been working with several rescue groups to get a big ol’ blind girl and a gunshot wounded baby to safety. 

01/20- We’ve updated this with the 3rd of the Three AB Musketeers that came from this shelter in GA.

Annie & Oakley Bust Out!!!! (a better life is in sight)



(more photos)

(more photos)


Annie and Oakley were pulled from a shelter in GA today. We’re taking the 3rd AB but that’s for another update.

We received this email earlier today from Pablo, our friend at Blind Dog Rescue Alliance: Dogs are in hand and free!  More good news – Connie was there picking up the 3rd Bulldog.  🙂 Valerie left the shelter in Rome with the blind bulldog (whose name really is Annie!) and the shot girl now named Oakley.  Both are happily settled in, big Annie in a large crate, sighted Oakley comfy in the large van. Both girls are extremely grungy so I will be bathing them as soon as they arrive home.  Oakley’s gunshot wound seems bearable as she is able to walk and even lay on it.  Still, she will visit our vet Dr. D ASAP. Annie’s story: her elderly owner is on his death bed and an out-of-town son dropped her off at the shelter “to clean up loose ends.”  She moves slowly and appears totally blind and very sweet. Oakley’s story you know: she’s been shot and that’s all anyone knows.  The inmates working at the shelter appear to have done a good job cleaning her wound; she has not been vetted.  She is a real sweetie, much smaller than Annie.

Annie + gunshot wound baby = Annie Oakley

Things are not good-

01/19/10, 5:04 pm-  from Pablo:

Hey Jodi, All:
The girls are all home and good.  Pictures will be coming in a couple of hours.


Oakley returned from the vet happy yet with many problems.  The bullet passed through her muscle – entry and exit wounds so no bullet left – and that area is abscessed.  In addition she has several deep cuts, likely from a chain.  She is heartworm positive, has whipworm, roundworm and tapeworm. She’s just plain overall infected, glands swollen, skin in rough shape, etc.  We’ve got meds for all except HW; it’ll be time for that only after she is back up to par.  Plus Oakley is in heat …poor honey.  And yet, lots of stump wagging, happy to eat, loves getting petted and likes the crate where she is now chewing a rawhide.  She is a happy loving girl that Oakley.
Ms. Annie is perched upon the bed in her room, bathed and beautiful, also chewing a rawhide and quite content!  She is a doll, obviously used to being a loved pet.  She understood the bath protocol and is totally comfortable in her room.  Annie rearranged the pillows to her liking, bunched up the blanket into a throne and promptly took a nap.
Mama Valerie is a good tired; she put in quite a day getting these girls yet this is what we both love and why we are devoted to each other and the dogs.
Our Blind Dog officers Colleen and Karen, together with Valerie W. plus Jodi and Carey – you did the hard work of arranging and filling out the paperwork and these girls are certainly a precious thank you to all. 
Well, now Annie is snoring so it’s time to sign off; please know your efforts led directly to two loving, contented girls with a bright future ahead.  Yeah Oakley and Annie!

-p   🙂




The 3rd little girl that came from this shelter is a cruelty case (starvation). She is currently in boarding while Carey is making flight arrangements for a transport to Jodi’s home. She doesn’t have a name yet and we’ve asked our surprise fund raising team to help us choose a name for this little survivor.

Here’s a note from Connie about her:

Jodi, wanted to let you know about the “third” American Bulldog pulled for you today from the “abuse case”.   She came in with her little buddy, tiny red chi.   Both were taken from an older woman who had almost starved them to death.   The inmates said she  could hardly walk when she first arrived.  Her favorite little chi was rescued today also – before I left with the chi, the inmates took the chi in to tell his sister goodbye.  Very touching for a bunch of male inmates.  This ABD (starved girl)  that you took out today is as sweet as pie and so deserving of another chance at life where she is not a starving rack of bones.   I saw the before and after photos – just terrible.   Thank you so much for helping her.   Connie