Angus- In Memoriam

Posted: October 3rd, 2009

August 12, 2009
Angus was one of four puppies we fostered for ABR.  He was the runt and wasn’t quite like his littermates. He seemed much slower then his littermates.  He fell over all the time when he tried to run, he couldn’t play ball or tug of war like the other puppies because he didn’t know how to bite down.  He had eight and a half toes on his back paws and seven on his front paws. We knew within the first few days we were adopting him. It was obvious something was wrong with him and we went to vet after vet to try to find out exactly what was wrong. When he was about a year old he started having seizures.  Finally Dr. Liz saw him and knew instantly that he had severe brain damage due to hydrocephalus. The prognosis was not what we wanted to hear.  We were told he most likely would not live past two.  Angus turned two in March.  On March 21 he had his first grand mal cluster seizures, three within 15 minutes.  Dr. Liz put him on Phenobarbital and said it usually controls the seizures for about two years and after that there was nothing else that could be done for him.  On August 12 at 1:30 am Angus began having grand mal seizures.  At 7:30 am the vet called and said Angus was still seizing and none of the medications were working.  He was put into a medically induced coma to see if the swelling in his brain would go down and the seizures would stop. They didn’t.  We sat with Angus while he was quietly put to sleep.  He will be forever loved and missed.
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