American Bulldog Rescue S.O.S.

Posted: June 29th, 2013


Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring – it was peace. – Milan Kundera

ABR family, we have reached a critical state and we really, and I mean REALLY, need your help! We’ve had an increasing number of medical emergencies these past few months and, simply put, we are DROWNING in medical bills! As much as we hate to ask, we really need your help.

First we had Jewel and her baby Rose, our senior boy Rocky and his testicular tumor. Laid back Ramathorne a.k.a. “Rammy” with his inner ear “vestibular” issues and now a bad tooth. Our poor throw-away dog” General “the love bug,” dumped at an Asphalt Company in Florida (amazing he survived), no way we could leave him there to suffer and die alone. This poor guys teeth are broken and worn from eating rocks to survive. And now, unfortunately, with a lack of foster homes, General has been stuck in boarding and the bill is quickly mounting! And then there’s Willie the “marathon napper.” Judging from Willie’s initial condition, this poor guy looked as though he’d never known a moments piece in his life until this kind soul took matters into his own hands and wondered to a strangers door. Luckily for Willie, this good Samaritan took pity on our boy and helped him find his way to safety. Sadly, as if that wasn’t enough, Willie will now need a biopsy for a bump that continues to rupture on his nose. Willie could use some help and lots of good thoughts sent along his way!

So as you can see friends we have had our hands full and that’s just to name a few! It’s because of you and your selfless generosity we’ve been able to save so many lives… and the lives of those still waiting. We just can’t do this without you and today we REALLY need your help! Thank you ABR family and friends. To donate, visit the FundRazr campaign here!

Jewel & Rose

946773_10151576310552482_19119601_nJewel… sweet and wonderful Jewel pulled from a shelter in South Carolina, and thankfully, sent to a foster home.  Jewel lived lovingly with her foster family and their children until one evening when Jewel was let out and she proceeded to give birth to one puppy in the pouring rain (no one knew she was pregnant).  Shortly after giving birth that evening, Jewel began to hemorrhage badly! A Lab Rescue that had fallen in love with her searched for other babies (as one is unusual) and rushed her to the ER.  They were certain she was going to die in the backseat of their car.  Jewel went completely pale and her eyes began to fixate until she heard her baby cry! The sound of her one and only puppy snapped our beautiful girl back long enough for the ER staff to have some time to work on her.  Still critical, she was not expected to make it through the night. In order to save her baby a vet tech took Jewel’s one and only baby Rose, home to start bottle-feeding.

Miracles do come true… and that miracle has a name, and her name is Jewel.

Jewel was diagnosed and treated for kennel cough, which she’d unfortunately contracted during her stay at the shelter.

Mom and baby were reunited two days later.

A week passed when suddenly, baby Rose came down with pneumonia (likely contracted from mom’s kennel cough).

Baby Rose was placed in an oxygen box to help her breathe while she was transported to the vet. The box was sealed and everyone prayed baby Rose would have enough oxygen to survive the trip to the ER.  Once she arrived, they placed her in an oxygen mask… little Rose struggled to survive.

After a valiant 10-day fight Jewel’s baby Rose lost her battle with pneumonia. Needless to say our hearts were broken.

390767_10151578142367482_2010707432_nThere are those that say that animals have no souls and therefore, feel no emotion. We say, you’re wrong.  To watch Jewel grieve and process the loss of her only puppy was both heart wrenching and a profoundly moving experience. A moment in time that all involved will carry with them for a lifetime.

Jewel once again reminds us of the resilience of these animals.  To watch their recovery and their ability to pick-up and move on, except whatever challenges life has dealt them and never look back is simply amazing.  We as humans can stand to learn a lot from our four-legged companions.

And now, we’re pleased to report that Jewel is well on her way to recovery.  To say she had her share of challenges these past few months would certainly be an understatement.  And yet, our beautiful girl has put it all behind her and is ready to move on.

Jewel is living breathing proof of all that is possible… of all that is good in this world. And, with your help, we believe Jewel’s best days are ahead of her.  Please consider helping us to help Jewel and the many more Jewel’s out there still waiting.