Age:  4 years old
Weight: 50 lbs
Location: Baltimore, MD
Nicknames:  ZuZu
Good with other dogs?: Yes!
Good with cats? Unknown
Good with children? Yes, kids at least 8 and older
Activity Preference: Playful, loves walkies and zoomies in the back yard.
IQ: Clever boy
Favorite things: Cuddling, going to the park, walkies, meeting new friends, hanging out with his people, chewing elk antlers.
Good at: meeting people and other dogs, staying in a crate, riding in a car
Ideal home: fenced yard (gotta have space to leap, play, and zoom), someone home most of the day or that can take him to work with them, a doggie friend


Zeus is your typical bulldog: sweet, loving, adorable, stubborn, and a little bossy. He has great house manners and sleeps most of the day away. He has just the right amount of energy. He likes going for a walk in the morning and doing after dinner zoomies in the yard.  He is an athletic little guy who loves to jump and leap. He loves hanging out with his people and likes to snuggle up in the nook behind your knees for a nap. He will keep you laughing with his goofy expressions and contorted sleeping positions.
Zeus has a tough couple years living in pain.  He was surrendered to rescue with significant bladder stones and needed multiple emergency surgeries. He also had severe entropion which has now been surgically corrected.  He is finally living a pain free bulldog life.  To help avoid future bladder stones, Zeus has a strict diet.  We have worked with a nutritionist to develop an appropriate diet for him. His forever home must be committed to managing his diet to keep new stones from forming. Zeus also suffers from some skin allergies that have been well managed with cytopoint.
Due to the severity of his bladder stones, Zeus cannot hold his bladder like other dogs.  He currently goes out every few hours during the day. He sleeps in his crate at night and usually goes 7-8 hours without waking up to go out. Because of his potty break needs, his ideal home will be someone who is home most of the day or can take him to work with them.  He was a great work companion when his foster parents were out of town and he stayed with his foster nana.  He went to work with her every day and was quiet as a mouse.  Most of the office didn’t even know he was there.