Yoda sunning on the deck
Adoptable Yoda looking at the camera
Yoda English Bulldog sitting deck outside
Yoda sitting in chair
Sideview of Yoda
Yoda sunning on the deck
Yoda in his Bailey Chair
Yoda being held upright after his meal

Age:4Weight: 40Location: Baltimore, MDNicknames: Button, Lil DudeGood with other dogs?: Dog selective. No males. Good with cats? NO!Good with children? yesActivity Preference: Champion couch potatoIQ: AverageYoda’s favorite things: Eating. Treats. Edible toys. Eating. Being near my people. Eating. Sleeping, with a chaser of eating. Yoda is good at: meeting people, behaving in the house, going for car rides, walking on a leash, cuddlingIdeal home: patient, routine, doors that open to the yard (no steps)

Meet Yoda

Yoda is one super cool lil dude. He’s low key, happy to hang on the couch or chomp away on a yummy bone.

There is no denying his cuteness. His personality backs up those good looks. He is a low key wingman, ready for any adventure whether it is an action flick from the comfort of the couch or a road trip. He’s mostly a lounger and enjoys time in the sun. If you’re looking for a hiking buddy, he’s there for it as long as you’re ready to pop him into a baby carrier in short order. If you’re looking for a greeter, dude is your guy. He’s happy to meet every person, young or old, big or small. He lights up when he gets to meet new people.

As for other dogs, it would be best if he were the only one. He can meet other dogs and hang out with them. He can be possessive of people, bones, food items. He sees cats as something to chase and capture. No cats for him!

Yoda joined ABR earlier this year when his family couldn’t care for him. He has a condition called megaesophagus. Recently he underwent surgery to minimize problems from megaesophagus. He’s been doing great since then and is ready for his forever home. Megaesophagus causes problems with moving food from the mouth to the stomach. Dogs with this condition often regurgitate their food. Yoda’s version is considered congenital and while there is no fix for an enlarged, non-functioning esophagus, there are things that can help.

For Yoda that includes a medication before each meal, softened food, feeding him with elevated bowls (at a minimum), and keeping him upright for about 15 minutes after he eats. He does very well with that routine. The adoptive family will receive all the information from his foster family and the custom-made Bailey Chair (see picture) in case they prefer to use that for feeding and his upright time. (Because of Yoda’s size, he can be held somewhat like a cradling a baby for his upright time. See pictures.) His medications cost approximately $40/month. Upright time can be skipped occasionally — life happens — but it’s important to know that doing so regularly increases chances of aspiration pneumonia and further stress on his esophagus which can lead to the reappearance of regurgitation.

He also has the grooming needs typical of other English bulldogs, meaning regular cleaning of his face folds and regular ear cleaning. The adoptive family can pursue any changes to his current megaesophagus care with the guidance of your vet. There are many online resources for megaesophagus dogs and his adoptive family would always have support from us! Oh, Yoda can be lazy about wanting to go outside to do his business.  You have to get into a routine with him and keep him to it. He is not a fan of dealing with steps for bathroom time. He will pretend he does not need to go outside, especially if he’s cuddled in good or if it’s cold and wet outside.

Every minute with Yoda is a special moment. The after-meal up time is a great opportunity to slow down your day and have a bonding moment with this cute button. During that time he loves having ’80s love songs sung to him (seriously!) or listening to soothing music. News and up tempo music will not do! 😀

Yoda sitting in chairYoda being held upright after his meal Yoda in his Bailey Chair Yoda sunning on the deck Sideview of  Yoda Yoda sitting in chair Yoda English Bulldog sitting deck outside Adoptable Yoda looking at the camera