My name is Winnie, I am a princess. I was born to be adored and worshiped. All 34 pounds of me commands attention! I LOVE people. I am a teeny tiny Bulldog who has the most pronounced bulldog features anyone has ever seen. I am really really bow-legged front and back. I had a knee surgery and it’s helped a lot but I still walk funny but I do get around.  I am totally house trained and will let you know when i need to go!  I needed surgery on my leg and they say I am not supposed to do stairs. I get around just fine and sometimes get the zoomies and like to do a slow run but I really can’t handle steps. I love car rides and I run straight over to the truck and stare at the door with anticipation because I’m so excited to go on another car ride! I was neglected until ABR found me and rescued me, I was never adored the way I should have been. I really need my ears and my nose flap to be cleaned several times a week and I demand a weekly bath also, I am a princess after all! I am good with baths but not so crazy about my face being cleaned.

Age: 5
Weight: 34
Good with other dogs?: Some Males only.
Good with cats?: Yes
Good with children?: Not recommended for kids under 10
Energy Level : Occasional zoomies followed by serious napping.
IQ: Brilliant
Nicknames: Princess Winifred, Gremlin Girl,
Her favorite thing in the world is: Dog Toys!! Car Rides!! Licking things!! Tug-o-War (with people)! Cardboard Boxes!
She is good: In a car, At meeting new people, At staying in a crate
Her ideal home: Fenced yard, Someone at home most of the day,  No steps and Low angle ramps.
Training Needs: Needs some leash work.

Medical Issues: Winnie is very social and attentive but will always be a special needs dog.  Since she loves being a ‘shadow’ this should not be too hard for her future owner if they love dogs. Winnie has disabilities with mobility mostly because of the genetic deformities behind bulldog breeders. She cannot do steep ramps or steps. Her legs are extremely bowed and she has had knee surgery on her right leg that she’s recovering from. Because of this her future home cannot have stairs that she would need to enjoy life If a ramp is to be built it must be a very ‘low angle’ ramp.