Age:9-12 Months

Weight: 45

Location: Newtown, PA

Nicknames: Toots, T, Tutti-frutti, Tootsie Roll, Grandma Ethel

Good with other dogs?: Yes.Tootsie is dog friendly and loves to play with other dogs. She can play a bit rough, and can be a bit mouthy, which some dogs may not appreciate.

Good with cats? yes

Good with children? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with kids under 10

Activity Preference: Needs a couple walks a day., Needs in-house activities

IQ: Smart

Tootsie’s favorite things: Tootsie is a sweet and funny dog. She enjoys taking walks and the ability to run off leash and at times get the zoomies. She is quite inquisitive and loves to smell and discover new places. She enjoys car rides and getting out of the house. She loves balls of all sizes and will often play with a full-size soccer-ball.

Tootsie is good at: meeting people, meeting dogs, staying in a crate, behaving in the house, going for car rides, walking on a leash, playing

Ideal home: another dog, no children, someone at home most of the day, a fenced yard, Lots of exercise opportunities

Training Needs: socialization with dogs, needs obedience training

Health issues: Tootsie is thought to have albinism and is deaf due to this trait. Due to her hearing impairment, her foster family has been teaching her sign language for basic commands (sit, stay, come, etc.) She also wears a vibrating collar which she has been trained to follow for recall when she cannot see her family. She is quite independent and just beginning to learn rules. Training will require consistent reinforcement and her forever home must be ready to work with her on a regular basis to keep these skills. In addition, she must go to a home with a fence to ensure she cannot wander away, as she cannot hear cars or other dangers.

Meet Tootsie

Tootsie is a fun loving, goofy, sweet and independent girl who would be great addition to home that will continue to work with her training to help with her special needs. There are some great benefits to having a deaf dog- vacuuming is not scary, play drums or guitar?- no problem for her, live by a fire/ police-department- she doesn’t hear it, use lots of loud equipment- she’ll never know! However, having a deaf dog comes with its challenges too- they don’t come when you call them! Tootsie loves to run free in a yard, discover new things and curl up on a bed or couch. She loves toys and is constantly bringing her collection into her crate. She is house-broken and will let you know when she needs to go out. She looks a bit goofy, but has a big heart and is just waiting to find her new family willing to give this special girl some love.

Food being given: RAW food diet only: OG, Steves, other raw food=beef, turkey or fish


PLEASE READ: Adopters will not be considered without completing an application. Please visit to apply! Remember – Adoption is always the best option! If you can’t help by adopting a homeless pet, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to American Bulldog Rescue, 4 Terry Drive, Suite 1D Newtown, PA 18940 or paypal We cannot place dogs in homes with children under 10 unless that dog has lived with kids or is in a foster home with kids. Thank you.