Toby in PA
Toby in PA
Toby in PA
Toby in PA
Toby in PA

Dog’s Name: Toby
Age: 3
Approximate Weight:
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Good with other dogs?: Yes
Good with cats?: Unknown
Good with children?: Yes
Energy Level : Needs daily exercise and needs in-house activity.
IQ: About average
My foster’s favorite thing in the world is: His people!!!
My foster is good: At staying in a crate
My foster dog’s ideal home would have: Fenced yard, Active owner with lots of exercise opportunities, Kids
Training Needs: Needs some leash work, Work on house manners such as counter surfing, excited when visitors come in, etc., Adopter must enroll in obedience training, to keep Toby on his toes and learning!
Medical Issues: None known
Tell us about your foster dog: Toby is a young, very energetic dog waiting for his forever family who will take him on walks/activities and be willing to spend the the time with Toby that he deserves playing with him, teaching him new tricks, continue his training and just loving him!  He loves attention and is a very loving and affectionate dog. He is happy and playful and will make a wonderful companion.  Since coming into his foster home, where he is given consistency and love, Toby has learned manners and just how to enjoy being a dog. He is just cute as a button!