Tiny in Quakertown, PA
Tiny in Quakertown, PA
Tiny in Quakertown, PA
Tiny in Quakertown, PA
Tiny in Quakertown, PA

Gilda Radner was quoted, “I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive.” So with that absolute truth, it is my pleasure to introduce Tiny.

Tiny is my role model for the better person I aspire to every day. You see, Tiny has not had it so easy but instead of looking back he looks forward. He’s outlook on life is inspiring. His name might be small, but his heart is huge!

I picked up Tiny from the boarding kennel where, due to the considerable demand placed on ABR to save dogs, he stayed for several weeks. Tiny greeted us with an enthusiastic smile and non stop wags. He jumped into my car, eager to see what this new chapter is going to bring.

Once in his foster home, he took to checking out the yard with unbridled zeal. It appears this poor boy has never had the pleasure of just running loose as it took him a while to realize he could. Now? Well let’s just say he’s figured it out!

Here’s what we know about him so far:

  • He chooses our attention over any toy or food! Amazing given he doesn’t know us all that well yet. He willingly drops food or toys.
  • He loves affection, especially belly rubs and sitting in your lap.
  • Tiny was friendly meeting our dogs. Gave them a nice tail wag then rolled over.
  • He seems very trusting and easy to handle! He let us bathe him and clean out his ears without any resistance.
  • He’s 2 years old.

Tiny is very eager to please people. We think this will make it a cinch to teach him leash walking and good house manners.

So in 24 hours a dog a never met has shown us a thing or two about life. Can you imagine what he could teach you in a lifetime?

Tiny is being fostered near Quakertown, PA. Because Tiny is not living with children in his foster home, we cannot adopt him to a home with kids younger than 10. If interested, please submit our adoption form here.