Closeup of Tax
Tax outside
Tax outside
Tax in a cute sweater
Closeup of Tax

Age: 1-2
Approximate Weight: 50
Good with other dogs?: Yes
Good with cats?: Unknown
Good with children?: Unknown
Energy Level : He definitely needs daily exercise and should not be running around the house unsupervised
IQ: About average
Nicknames: Jax
Favorite thing in the world is: Kongs
Good at: In a car, At meeting new people, At staying in a crate
Ideal home would have: Fenced yard, Active family with lots of exercise opportunities, Another dog
Training Needs: Needs some leash work, Work on house manners (counter surfing, excited when visitors come in, etc.), Adopter must agree to obedience training (this does not mean aggressive), He needs basic training

Meet Tax

I have the most adorable smudgy face. I love meeting new people and dogs. I need to work on my manners because I like to jump on people because I get so excited. I love walks but I pull on the leash. I love chewing on bones and playing with Kongs they are my favorite. I also burry my bones so I can have them later.