South – ADOPTED!

South - ADOPTED!
south with his foster bro
south with a toy

Weight: 50 lb
Location: Baltimore, MD
Nicknames: Donkey Dawg, Gronk
Good with other dogs?: Yes. He likes to play rough. 
Good with cats? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with a cat
Good with children? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with kids under 12
Activity Preference: Needs a couple walks a day, Needs in-house activities
IQ: Has some shining moments
South’s favorite things: All the pets! He loves going for walks. Playing rough with other dogs. 
South is good at: meeting dogs, staying in a crate, going for car rides, cuddling
Ideal home: a fenced yard, Lots of exercise opportunities, a playful yet tolerant doggie sibling
Training Needs: socialization with people, needs obedience training

He’s going to catch a lot of eyes so here’s what he needs in his future home:

  • An experienced bull breed dog owner. He’s not for the first time dog owner because he’s going to need some structure and someone good at setting limits.
  • Someone willing to take him for obedience training. (He’s pretty good at some basics but needs more.)
  • A family with no young kids. South isn’t suited for kids for several reasons. He gets mouthy when he gets excited or playing. He is working on learning not to jump on you when he wants attention or when he’s excited. He also tends to guard his toys. He’s also a walking vacuum cleaner, grabbing whatever he can from the floor so him and kid’s toys are a no. He’s working on all of these in his foster home but he’s not suited for kids at this point.
  • Someone who understands he’s nervous meeting new people and will let him go at his pace.

As far as we know, South was an outside dog. He is housebroken. His inside manners aren’t the best. He will vacuum the floor of everything he shouldn’t like socks or random things. If left alone without toys, he seeks out other stuff to chew. Anything. For now, he shouldn’t have house privileges when he’s alone. He’s best left in a crate if no one is around to supervise him.

Now, about this beefcake. South has personality for days. He wants all the love, he wants all the treats, he wants all the walks. He loves squeaky toys. He loves running to get toys you throw but you can kinda forget about him bringing them to you. He’ll walk around with his food bowl or any food bowl. He’ll keep you company wherever you go, whatever you’re doing. He makes the most adorable noises, and he actually grunts some when he poops. He also snores. A lot and loudly.

There’s a hidden turbo button on South. It’s activated outside running or when he’s getting attention. It’s hilarious but sometimes it’s a bit much in that he thinks it’s ok to climb all over you or nibble on your hand. He does believe his 50 lbs of muscle is a lap dog. He’s gentle about it climbing in and snuggling up against you.

As for other dogs, South is doing pretty well. He’s made good friends with one of his foster sisters and they love playing pretty rough. He’s learning that not all dogs are as into him and he’s doing pretty good. He’d be well suited with another dog with a rough play style and one that is OK sharing toys and attention.

If you read this far and want to apply to be South’s everything, please make sure you can fulfill all the needs South has. Please don’t apply just because he is so stinkin’ cute and you must absolutely have this dreamy brick o’ beef dog. He needs a little work to be his very best. We absolutely will not be adopting him out to someone who has not had a dog as an adult, he will not be adopted to a family with kids under 12, and you will be obligated to take him to training and provide proof of such to the rescue. Trust me, he is absolutely worth all of this.