Simone must have had a rough start in life. She didn’t know what a normal dog’s life should be. In the short time we’ve had her she’s come to learn that this is the good life. And boy does she relish in this! Simone happily greets any person that comes into the house. She’s happy in just about everything that comes with being a normal dog. She h11008490_10152765429079147_5458291790840664079_oas some energy. To burn some of that off she will play fetch until you are tired. In the same regard she is perfectly content to lay at your feet or chew on her bone. Simone has been doing well with her foster brother but we recommend she be an only dog. She tends to be a bit bossy and loves to have all the attention on her. She is not dog aggressive. She will ignore other dogs when she’s out walking on a leash. Simone is just one sweet girl that wants some love (a belly rub wouldn’t hurt either)!!

Simone had a month of professional training while living with the trainer. She’s now in an amazing, loving foster home where she continues to learn manners and also be exposed to the real life of a pet. Not however she was treated in the past. We’d love to find a forever home for Simone that has dog handling experience and knows that it takes time, effort, and consistency to keep some dogs well-mannered and respectful. If you can give her that structure, she will be an amazing girl for you and totally worth that extra something you give.

Simone’s Details

Age: 3-4
Approximate Weight: 100lbs
Good with other dogs?: No, recommend she be an only dog
Good with cats?: Unknown, therefore we will not adopt her to a home with cats.
Good with children?: Not recommended for kids under 10
Energy Level : Middle of the road. Likes daily walks or a good game of fetch then settles down.
IQ: Smart
Her absolute favorite thing in the world is: Chewing on her bone
She is good: In a car, At meeting new people, At staying in a crate, At not having accidents in the house
Simone’s ideal home would have: Fenced yard, Active family with lots of exercise opportunities, Calm and structured environment
Training Needs: Needs some leash work, Work on house manners (counter surfing, excited when visitors come in, etc.)