Rocko (aka Shamrock) is perfect! We love him he and feel he would be best suited in a home with older children and larger dogs. He’s sweet and loving just a big lap dog. We have no complaints or concerns as handsome Rocko is a perfect gentleman with a playful personality.

Rocko crates well and loves to play outside on his own. He’ll run around and then find something to chew on and lie in the sun then take a dip in the kiddle pool all on his own with no prompting…he is too funny he just fit right in…some family is going to be real lucky to get this sweetheart.

* * * * * * * * * *

Shamrock, in Lake Wales, Fla., is the sweetest boy! His HUGE smile is sure to win over EVERYONE!  He’s neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. He’s been living in a foster home for about two weeks and the family has nothing but good news to report.

Shamorock is loving, affectionate, likes to play, and wakes us up with kisses in the morning. He’s great with our large and energetic female American Bulldog.

Shamrock likes to play ball and run around the yard. He does okay on the leash, but could still use a little work. The vet thinks he’s about 4 years old, but he seems younger to us, more like two or three.

Shamrock crates well, zero accidents in the house, and has shown no signs of aggression at all. He loves to go for car rides and enjoys his treats and chew toys.  Shamrock has no destructive behaviors and is a very well behaved boy.  Shamrock is a wonderful boy that would be a beloved family member to any home that would have him.