picture of dog
picture of roxy
picture of roxy
picture of roxy
picture of dog
picture of dog

Weight: 60
Location: Baltimore, MD

Good with other dogs?: Dog selective. Ideally she would be the only dog.
Good with cats? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with a cat
Good with children? OK for kids over: 12
Activity Preference: Low maintenance overall but needs quality outside time., other: Inside she’s very calm and can be a couch potato. She loves running free in the yard.
IQ: Smart
Roxy’s favorite things: People
Tennis balls
Belly rubs
Roxy is good at: meeting people, behaving in the house, playing
Ideal home: no children, quiet environment, a fenced yard, other: a strong leader
Training Needs: socialization with dogs, leash training

Meet Roxy

Roxy absolutely loves life and herself. She is one of the happiest, wiggliest foster dogs ever. Her personality is spectacular and she will deeply love whoever her person is. She’s so fun to watch with her exuberance and play style. She’ll make you laugh, she’ll make you wanna snuggle all the time, she’ll make you wanna stop in your tracks and tell her how adorable she is… she’s amazing.

On her own, she’s a well behaved dog. She knows sit, stay, and paw and will stay right next to me in the yard if asked to. She’s extremely quiet in the house and doesn’t bother with counter surfing or getting into tempting things. She’s pretty good walking on the leash, especially when there are no distractions. She¬†loves¬†running free in the yard and her picky foster mom insists on a fenced yard for her. She has a strong prey drive. Off leash in an open space is not an option for her.

Despite being so adorbs, Roxy must learn she does not get to call the shots. She needs a firm, strong owner who can direct her to be the good dog she clearly can be, and not allow Roxy to steam roll the relationship. Someone who knows how to ignore a dog when the dog is overly excited, someone who knows it’s OK to tell a stranger ‘no, you cannot pet my dog’, someone who isn’t going to let Roxy get everything she wants, whenever she wants it but knows it’s important that you make the decision about what Roxy needs. With the right owner, Roxy is an absolutely remarkable dog. With a weak, scared owner, Roxy tries to rule the roost but doesn’t know enough about how to do that.

Roxy was evaluated by a dog trainer. The trainer said it would take a special dog for Roxy to live with. Because we want Roxy’s next home to be her last home, we’d prefer that Roxy be an only dog. We are working on her dog socialization but she needs a lot of work to live with another dog peacefully. She is not a dog for dog parks.

Roxy will be available for adoption around mid-August.