Rosie Posie

Rosie Posie
rosie in PA
rosie in PA
rosie in PA

Weight: 80
Location: Eagleville
Nicknames: Rosie posie
Good with other dogs?: Yes
Great with his 3 dogs at our house. 1 male and 2 females. Likes to run and play with them.
Good with cats? unknown, will not be adopted to a home with a cat
Good with children? yes
Activity Preference: Needs in-house activities, Champion couch potato, other: outside playing with her brother and sisters and playing inside
IQ: Smart
Rosie’s favorite things: Likes to chew bones with peanut butter in them. Hooves, plays with water bottles, tennis balls, any kind of balls and almost any toy. Loves belly rubs,and treats. Car rides leaks some urine but can put blanket down.
Rosie is good at: meeting people, making me feel safe, cuddling, playing, following commands, other: going out the dog door
Ideal home: another dog, children, someone at home most of the day, a fenced yard, Lots of exercise opportunities.
Training Needs: socialization with dogs, leash training
Health issues: Another thing, I do have a small medical conditions called Urinary incontinence I need two medications. Proin, it is used in the management of urinary incontinence and Diethylstilbestrol is a hormone estrogen helps with tightening of muscle and preventing leakage of urine.
The medication must be given continually. Sometimes I may have a drop or few drops when I sit or lay down.Stopping treatment will cause the symptoms to recur. This will never go away. Needs to be checked due to medication. You also must use baby wipes to clean her private parts so she doesn’t get a urinary tract infection. This needs to be done often. When you bath her needs to be dried off completely or will get an infection (urinary).
I haven’t had any accidents since I have been on my medication. For a minimal monthly cost it is easy to care for me. I am good girl when you let me out, Can’t hold any longer then 6 hours. My foster family lets me out at 12 midnight and out at 6am. If longer will find a puddle on the floor.

Meet Rosie

Meet the lovely, sweet Rosie ,she is 80 lb. ,2 years old American Bulldog. She is an easy going, cuddly girl who is great with other dogs and very well behaved in her foster home. Rosie is a spayed female up to date on her shots.
She was timid at first, but is growing more adventurous every day. She is currently in a foster home with other dogs and is learning basic commands. Rosie does need some leash work. She goes in and out to the dog door. She does this all day long so she can go when needed. She loves to give you her paw!!! Do you even understand how cute it is when Rosie gives you her paw?! It just melts your heart. Rosie has lots of energy in her, so please consider this deserving girl today. Rosie is the type of girl that is always by your side. Once you get a bond with one another it’ll be hard to break it.
Every once in awhile I love to play with toys and run outside, but for the most part I love to snuggle up in a blanket, dog bed , or on the coach with you and relax.
With the proper introduction I could do well with other dogs. Rosie has become quite attached to her foster family and they are looking for someone who will be patient with her while she bonds to her new family. She presently lives with one young teenager and 3 mastiffs dogs. She is very playful with dogs .Rosie would do best in a home with older children and someone with either large breed experience. She is a truly wonderful dog, but can demonstrate typical American Bulldog guarding behavior when it comes to her people. She is however, very easily corrected, with treats and praise motivated and thrives on pleasing her family. She would benefit obedience classes. Rosie somewhat skittish nature with new people and surroundings, we would like her forever family to have a fenced in yard and a canine friend would be very helpful in helping her transition to her new home.. I’m very sweet and shy and a big wallflower at first, but once I get to know you, I’m your shadow. Although I am fine with my two sisters and brother, I’ve not been socialized around other dogs. I’m a little nervous around new dogs that I don’t know so it may take me a little time to get adjusted. So far I’ve never met a cat.
I need a confident human pack leader that knows my breed or willing and will be patient with me to give me the self confidence and TLC that I need. Once I’m settled and comfortable and know I am in a safe loving home, I will be your BEST FRIEND FOREVER.


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