Meet Murdock

Dog’s Name: Murdoch
Age: ~2
Approximate Weight: 65 lbs
Good with other dogs?: Good with female dogs, cannot live with male dogs.
Good with cats?: No
Good with children?: Not recommended for kids under 10.
Energy Level : Needs daily exercise and needs in-house activity.
IQ: About average
Nicknames: Murdy; Doc
What make’s Murdoch’s eyes light up?: Being around people; taking part in activities; treats; belly rubs.
He is good: On a leash, In a car, At meeting new people, At staying in a crate, At not having accidents in the house
His ideal home would have: Fenced yard, Active family with lots of exercise opportunities, A female dog companion
Training Needs: Reactive to dogs on a leash, Work on house manners (counter surfing, excited when visitors come in, etc.)
Medical Issues: None currently. Murdoch recently had double entropion surgery to fix his curled in eyelids and has seen our favorite eye doctor who said that after surgery his eyes would be fine. His eyes are currently doing well.

Are you looking for a spunky sidekick who adores you? Murdoch is a powerful bundle of cuddly energy. He’s very curious about life and wants to be around people. He loves following around his foster parents, playing with his foster-sister bulldogs, and independently playing with his toys. He’s food-motivated and loves treats; he’ll sit and give paw for his dinner and for rewards. He’s still learning manners in the house (counter-surfing, etc.) but does well with walks on a leash. He is potty trained and will let you know when he needs to go for a walk. He loves meeting new people and has made great progress being a good boy around strangers. After long walks, he flops on the ground and relaxes in frog pose. He loves giving slobbery kisses and has a heart of gold. At the end of the night, he is happy to go into his crate. Murdoch is in Philadelphia, PA.